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The Application Of Terrestrial Laser Scanner For Large-scale Mapping

Posted on:2014-09-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Q ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2250330425462158Subject:Geological Engineering
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Terrestrial3D laser scanneris an advanced automatic and high-precision3D scanning technology, which is an innovative mapping technologyfollowingGPS spatial positioning technology. This article is mainly about terrestrial3D laser scanner in the application of topographic mapping. Firstly, briefly describing the characteristic of terrestrial3D laser scanner, classification of terrestrial3D laser scanner, mainly including different classification of scanning platform and distance. Then introducing the basic principle and applying area of3D laser scanner, including the area of surveying engineering, structure measurement, construction and historical sites measurement, emergency service and entertainment. Then introducing the type of I-SITE88013D laser scanner’s basic parameter and operation method, operation method includes instrument erection, connection of tablet PC and equipment, data scanning process and method, transmission of point cloud data. Then importing point cloud data into the MAPTEK software of Australia, and useing it to process point cloud data, including new project, point cloud data registration, data filtering and creation3D model data. In the process, describing the method of data registration containing the registration of control point name and global, the method of data filtering containing the filtration of minimum distance and terrain as well as two methods respective advantages, the method of creation3D model data mainly use triangular grid method to establish3D surface model. Next, introducing the source of error of the terrestrial3D laser scanner, which contain system error, human error and random error, when using this method can maximize reduce the impact of errors, and reach the need of accuracy of project.Following is the excellence of3D laser scanner, containing short operation time, high efficiency, high precision of topographic map, and simple operation. Finally, introducing the governance project of Xining Huoshaogou. This project is using the whole process of operation of3D laser scanner and MAPTEK software, selecting between the terrain filtration and minimum distance filtration during the treatment process, combining MAPTEK software and south CASS software, importing the point cloud data into the South CASS software and eventually producing a large-scale topographic map and cross-sectional view, and contrasting the topographic map of MAPTEK software and south CASS software, by doing so can demonstrate the advantage of terrestrial3D laser scanner in the field of surveying and mapping, and opening a new chapter in the development of the industry of Surveying and Mapping.
Keywords/Search Tags:3D laser scanner, Data acquisition, Modeling
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