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Control System Design And Simulation Of The65MN Forging Hydraulic Press

Posted on:2014-10-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B BianFull Text:PDF
GTID:2251330392464544Subject:Fluid Power Transmission and Control
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Forging process plays a very important role in the equipment manufacturing industry.It is one of the basic process in the mechanical manufacturing industry. Because of theforging process with the significant characteristics of high productivity, high materialsutilization and improving the microstructure and the mechanical properties of the parts,therefore, the manufacturing method of forging production occupies a large proportion inall walks of life. It will be more and more important in industry, national defense,aerospace and other kinds of equipment manufacturing industry. So it has very importantpractical significance to research the forging performance of hydraulic forging press.Based on the65MN forging hydraulic machine as the research object, design thehydraulic system, study the intelligent control strategy. Establish a co-simulation model ofthe65MN forging hydraulic press using the software of AMESim andMATLAB/Simulink.Firstly, design the three different hydraulic systems of cartridge valve, multistagecartridge valve and electro-hydraulic proportional cartridge valve. Analyze the workingprinciple of the hydraulic system. Calculate and choose the main components.Secondly, cartridge valve, multistage cartridge valve and electro-hydraulicproportional cartridge valve are simulated using the software of AMESim. Study theirperformance. And the three kinds of corresponding valve controlled hydraulic system aresimulated. Analyze the results of the simulation and the performance of various valvecontrolled hydraulic systems.Thirdly, design the piecewise multiple mode predictive control strategy composed bythe Bang-Bang control, fuzzy speed control, fuzzy position control and the least squaresupport vector machine. Introduce its working principle in detail. Apply to the controlsystem of forging hydraulic machine. Establish the control system usingMATLAB/Simulink, and co-simulate with the hydraulic system set up by AMESim. Thesimulation results are compared with the results of traditional PID control. Piecewisemultiple mode predictive control strategy is verified superiority.
Keywords/Search Tags:forging hydraulic press, hydraulic system, piecewise multiple modepredictive control strategy, PID control, co-simulation
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