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Research Of The Clamp Mechanism In Forging Manipulator

Posted on:2014-10-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Y HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2251330401476450Subject:Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
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The production capacity of large forging reflects the manufacturing level of a country.As one of the basic auxiliary equipment of free hydraulic press, forging manipulator is aequipment of gripping large steel ingot and billet, cooperating with forging machine tocomplete the process of forging. The motion of forging manipulator includes clamp leverlifting, lateral moving, tilting, rotating, jaw gripping, cart stepping and etc. The grippingmechanism of clamp lever grip workpiece by transferring hydro-cylinder’s gripping force tojaw, and as forging manipulator’s actuator of gripping, the gripping mechanism is one of thecritical components to determining the capacity, stability and security of forging manipulator.Based on the application characteristic of gripping workpiece, a method of optimizing fo-rging manipulator’s gripping mechanism can be proposed by discussing the internal relationsbetween gripping mechanisms and gripping force, influencing factors of gripping mechanismto the gripping force. After analyzing the effects of gripping mechanism to the performance o-f gripping and studying the methodology of parameters calculation for gripping mechanismwith the stable operation, a influence rule of workpiece diameter to lever ratio of gripping me-chanism, and gripping force to the stroke of hydro-cylinder can be worked out.A study researching the gripping mechanism has been made on the foundation of80T forging manipulator. By analyzing the mechanism of clamp lever, the main structure parameterinfluencing the gripping force is received. To analyze the performance of clamp lever, dynami-cal simulation for clamp lever mechanism is obtained under the maximum load condition.And the clamp lever’s structure optimization design is obtained through the parameter modeli-ng and analysis.(1)In the condition of gripping workpiece statically, gripping force was analyzed and cal-culated, and by simulating the process of gripping using ADAMS software, jaw’s output grip-ping force was acquired. At the same time, the influence of friction in revolute pair to the mag-nitude of gripping force was analyzed.(2)Using ADAMS to analyze gripping performance in both case of having tooth or not,a dynamical simulation for the rotational motion of gripping mechanism in clamp lever wasmade. The result shows that the condition of gripping workpiece without tooth is unstable, wh-ich shows the necessary of optimization to the clamp lever and improvement of gripping forc-e. The result also verifies the good property of the jaw with tooth.(3)Using the parameter design and optimization module of ADAMS, two constraint fun-ctions are established by the diameter of workpiece and the stroke of gripping hydro-cylinder.The objective of optimization is maximum gripping force. The result shows that the performa-nce of optimized mechanism using non-tooth jaw is significantly improved.(4)Clamp arm of clamp lever is easily destroyed in the production, and enlargement of g-ripping force likely make it worse. To test the performance of clamp arm, a new clamp arm is designed based on the optimized parameters. Clamp arm’s dynamic working stress was solved after the Co-Simulation of HyperMesh, ADAMS and ANSYS. The result shows that the ne-w structure conform the requirement of stress, and prove the feasibility of new mechanism.The research analyses and optimizes the gripping mechanism of clamp lever, proves the f-easibility and practicality of researching method, and provides an effective approach to desig-n and subsequently improve the mechanism of clamp lever.
Keywords/Search Tags:Forging manipulator, Gripping mechanism, Dynamical simulation, Optimization design
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