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The Construction Of Fire Controlsystemabouteasily Spontaneous Coal Seam Fully Mechanized Top Coal Caving

Posted on:2014-07-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2251330422460751Subject:Mining engineering
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Comprehensive Mechanized Caving mining technology which could achieve a high yield,but because the technology lost large amount of coal,leave over much coal,fragmentizedcoal body,high ventilation,much more air leakage channel,long time for removed,morelikely to fire disaster cause by spontaneous combustion. For the reasons,to establish acomplete fire prevention and control system for the mine is very important to maintenancenational property and enterprise normal production.This paper analyse the coal spontaneous combustion of the essential condition at first,then summarizes the ablaze regularity of the comprehensive mechanized caving miningtechnology. After that, author analyzes and classification the existing coal mine fireprevention and control scheme, points out the insufficients, presents a trinity of fireprevention and control system for coal mine fire prevention and control. The system is dividedinto three parts:discover spontaneous combustion,research spontaneous combustion,andcontrol spontaneous combustion. The paper expound from there aspects:gas,temperatureand time. Hope to achieve the purpose of solve the internal-caused fire in mine.In the process of writing, large persuasive and rationality data from large number ofexperimental. As required of prevention and treatment system structure, author take simplesfrom QiPanjing coal mining according to the Gb standard requirements. Based on coal oxygencomposite doctrine,author study the coal mine coal self-ignition orientation,and calculatedthe self-ignition term. Then draw a spontaneous combustion tendency conclusion of the coal.Follow this,get the least advancing speed of coal face. According to the analysis of the datefrom buried pipe monitoring, the gob of0913was divided into three zones. The article presentand proving the feasibility of the scheme all pressure ventilation. At last, confirm the system ofgrouting and resistance for the fire prevention and control. Test and verify by QiPanjing coalmine0913working face,the result is safety and stability.
Keywords/Search Tags:Spontaneous combustion tendency, Self-ignition term, Residual ignitionterm, Trinity prevention and control system, Grouting fire prevention
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