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Study On Methane Drainage By High Level Suction Tunnel Of Huang Yan-hui Coal Mine

Posted on:2014-04-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2251330425476472Subject:Safety Technology and Engineering
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This paper is mainly aimed at fully mechanized top coal caving and single coal seam mining at HuangYan-hui coal mine, Mining coal seam is15coal seam, there are13#、12#、11#、9#、8#and so on thin coal seam and K2、K3limestone overlying the coal rock, the gas emission rate in the coal face is given priority to adjacent layer gas emission rate, The proportion of the gas emission rate about adjacent layer is more than85%for the gas emission rate of coal mining face,draining pressure relief gas by high level suction tunnel is the effective way for interception pressure relief gas about fully mechanized top coal caving under the condition of adjacent layer pressure relief gas on highly gassy mine.This paper mainly to pressure relief coal rock gas occurrence and flow basic theory and strata of overburden rock crack evolution theory as the foundation, analysing pressure relief principle of the mining overlying coal layer, combined with numerical simulation, study on the "two belts" area, drawing that the height of caving zone is about15m and the height of fracture zone is about60m. research of rational layer for high level suction tunnel in the tendency and vertical range using the theory, combined with design basic parameters and practical investigation data and other relevant technical data of high level suction tunnel on15109and15102coal face, The results of the study show thatit will have the best extraction effect, when there be adistance of50meters from the back to the wind road horizontal projection from high suction road,and a distance of55meters from the mining seam roof between high suction road,where just in the fractured zone of theoretical analysis and numerical simulation.This location provides a channel and space for pressure relief gas flowing and preserving,and is a place for gas enrichment and migration.It explains that the theoretical analysis is consistent with the actual results.
Keywords/Search Tags:high level suction tunnel, pressure relief gas, numeric simulation, adjacent layer, rational layer, gas emission ration
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