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Research On Shendong Coal Macerals Hydro-liquefaction Reaction And Co-processing Of Oil And Coal

Posted on:2015-03-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:N XieFull Text:PDF
GTID:2251330425485352Subject:Chemical Engineering
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The paper was mainly studied on the effects of reaction temperature and reaction remain time on hydro-liquefaction reaction performance of different composition maceral content of Shendong coal by a0.5L stirred autoclave and also discussed on the effect of the different addition of some heavy oil samples and hydro-treatment anthracene oil on XinJiang oil-coal liquefaction. Meanwhile, the catalytic performance of prepared nano-scale iron catalysts in different conditions was investigated to optimization through catalyst characterization and autoclave coal liquefaction experiment.The result shows that the maceral content in the Shendong coal determines the optimized reaction temperature. Moreover, the coal-liquefied behavior of different maceral content of coal sample displayed different properties under the same reaction conditions. As to the optimized reaction temperature, the coal enriched high vitrinite (SDV) is380℃, the coal of raw coal (SDR) is440℃, while the coal enriched hand-selected inertinite (SDI) is455℃. And the liquefied behavior at different reaction time in455℃was affected by the maceral content of coal sample, especially to the hand-selected inertinite. The study on co-processing oil and coal indicated that de-crystal anthracene oil showed better performance on liquefaction reactivity, and the conversion yield can reach88.10%when the addition ratio is50%, nevertheless the hydrogen consumption in coal-liquefaction can be obviously decreased when using FCC slurry as a partial solvent. In addition to, the solvent pretreated by19Mpa hydrogen could promote the solvent hydrogen-donating ability significantly on co-processing oil and coal, and the coal conversion yield can be up to90%, oil yield is no less than60%, and the denitrogen efficiency can reach to91.8%. The research results on nano-scale iron catalyst shows that the ventilation time has influenced on preparation deeply, value of pH and temperature take the second place. And the optimum conditions of preparing nano-scale iron catalyst with better catalytic performance are lower deposition temperature, mild reaction conditions and appropriate ventilation time.
Keywords/Search Tags:coal macerals, hydro-liquefaction, heavy oil, co-processing of oil and coal, Fe-catalyst
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