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Technology Of Population Dynamics Monitoring Of Dendrolimus Superans (Butler) Adult

Posted on:2015-02-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W L WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2253330431963743Subject:Forest Protection
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Dendrolimus superans (Butler)(Lepidoptera:Lasiocampidae), as a major pest to coniferous forest in three northeast prvovinces and Inner Mongolia of China, it outbreak periodly in China. It caused mass mortality and serious damage in larch forest and significant losses to the development of China forestry. According to incomplete statistics, the losses caused by D. superans in China were up to1billion Yuan every year. The purpose of this research is based on the adult’s response’to sex pheromone traps, phototaxis of different wavelengths insecticidal lamps, to further improve the monitoring technology of D. Superans.Nine wavelengths lamps ranging from320to421nm were selected to monitor D. superans. The results showed that the effect of UV insecticidal lamps for D. superans was significantly higher than the visible insecticidal lamps. The duplicate test of three better effect groups in nine lamps at different wavelength showed that the sensitive wavelength of D. superans were364nm. Interestingly, the adults caught by lamps were predominantly male.Six different traps with D. superans sex phenomenon were selected to trap D. superans. The results showed that the Unitrap captured1011adults (the proportion to the total is37.7%), which have significant differences with the other five traps. Comparatively, the composite traps had no significant difference with cross type traps and milk carton traps, however, it captured565adults (the proportion to the total is21%), which have significant difference compared with other three types of traps.According to sex phenomenon traps and insecticidal lamps monitoring the adult population dynamics during adult period, the emergence period of D. superans at Mengjiagang forest farm in Heilongjiang province was from early July to early August and the peak emergence was in mid-July.
Keywords/Search Tags:Dendrolimus superans, monitoring, traps, insecticidal lamps
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