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Temperature And Humidity Effects On Dendrolimus Superans Butler Grow And Develop

Posted on:2018-12-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2393330548974792Subject:Agriculture promotion forestry
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Dendrolimus superans Butler belong to lepidoptera,lappet moth.Has a wide distribution area,our country mainly distributed in Heilongjiang,Jilin,Liaoning,Inner Mongolia,Xinjiang and other places,is one of the important pests in northeast forest region in China,mainly in the larvae feeding Larix SPP.,Pinus koraiensis,Pinus tabulaeformis,Pinus tabulaeformis,Pinus sylvestris var.,Picea asperata Mast,and Abies fabric Mast,tree species such as needles,erupted dispose of needles,the branches were burning,cause serious damage to the growth of trees,harm serious when make the pine piece of water.Temperature and humidity are insects of individual,population growth,survival and repro-duction of the important factors,temperature and humidity to adapt to it or not,are insects are one of the key conditions necessary to life activities.This study focuses on the different gradi-ent of temperature and humidity conditions,different temperature on Dendrolimus superans Butler larva different age of growth and egg hatchability,the influence of the main research results are as follows:1.Set in the study of different gradient temperature conditions,the same age and Dendro-limus superans Butler larvae growth rate and duration of the present a certain difference,from(200.5)? to(27.5 0.5)? temperature range,the larvae development period with the inc-rease of temperature and shorten,then with the increase of temperature,the larvae developmen period with the increase of temperature and gradually reduce.(27.50.5)? for Dendrolimus s-uperans Butler larva of the optimum temperature.2.Temperature in(22.50.5)? and(25 0.5)? between the optimal temperature for Dendrolimwus superans Butler pupal stage,higher than(27.50.5)?,pupal stage gradually lengthen,pupal survival rate lower.3.Different temperature effect on Dendrolimus superans Butler egg hatching rate show some differences.Dendrolimus superans Butler egg hatching rate increased with the tempera-ture rising,when(27.50.5)? hatching rate is the highest,cand then with the increase of tem-perature,gradually declining,high temperature adverse impacts on the Dendrolimus superans Butlerr egg hatching rate more.4 Between 80% 5%and 65% 5%humidity,Dendrolimus superans Butler larva were reached the highest growth rate,development period to achieve the shortest;Humidity on older larvae effect is not very big,but the same humidity conditions,especially in under the condition of 65%5%and 80%5%humidity,rate and duration of each instar larvae development difference is obvious.5.Dendrolimus superans Butler pupal stage shorten with the increase of humidity,and the humidity of 80%5%,pupal stage for 18 days,the shortest and longest pupal stage when humi-dity is 35%5%to 21 days.6.Humidity of Dendrolimus superans Butler eggs hatching rate effect is more noticeable,within the scope of the test set humidity,Dendrolimus superans Butler egg hatching rate(survi-val)as appears to the trend of increased with the increase of humidity and temperature from 35.5%5%,50% 5%,to 65%+ 5%,Dendrolimus superans Butler egg hatching rate(sur-vival)with increased with the increase of humidity presents a trend of and hatchability when humidity is 65%5%maximum 91.18%.In higher humidity of 80%%5%,Dendrolimus sup-erans Butler eggs hatching rate showed a reduced tendency,but the reduction is not big.
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