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Study On The Literature Of Prairie Theme

Posted on:2014-09-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2255330401981059Subject:Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature
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Minority Literature is an indispensable component in the treasury of Chineseliterature, within which the Mongolian prairie-theme narrative literature occupies animportant part in the literary history. Inherited the two tradition works of the ancientMongolian narrative literature of "Based on reality" and romantic lyric poetry, themodern and contemporary prairie-theme literature of China owned strong and uniquenational culture and ethnic characteristics.Nowdays, as the concept of "the national is the world" is rooted in hearts ofpeople, minority literature get continuous development and research on it alsogradually prospered. However a big problem in minority literature is "category",discussions and debates about the category of "the prairie-theme literature" has beenbut still no word for many years. The development of prairie-theme literature shouldbe unified the standard answer of "category" as soon as possible. In this work, wediscuss the issue and put forward the viewpoint of "tolerance", absorb the Mongoliantraditional virtues of "tolerance" in attitude of literary research in order to investigatethe prairie-theme literature with a broader vision, including the writing of theMongolian writer and deep Inner Mongolian grassland of other peoples lives on thebasis of the original native language writing.During the social historical changing and continuous developing of times, nativeprairie writers,"rootless" Mongolian poets who left their homelands, and youthwriters from other nationalities who had lived in the grassland of Inner Mongolia, allof them are passionately devoted to the prairie, loving the prairie deeply, singing theirmother grassland. Some of them feel sensitively the changes and influences therhythm of times brings to the grassland; some seek for drips of "hometown" in thesadness of separation; some are attached deeply to the grassland due to thearrangement of society, history and times, and become "adopted son of the grassland".The different life experiences of these three kinds of writers make them hold differentliterary pens, but promote the developing progress of prairie literature creatingtogether, enriching and expanding the content and range, making outstandingcontribution to the development of modern and contemporary minority nationalityliterature of China. This article aimed at native writers, uprooted poets and youthwriters, focused on MaLaQinFu, Xi Mu-rong, Zhang Cheng-zhi and theirrepresentative literary works, in order to sort out prairie themed literatures after1949, analyze and state their creating techniques and styles, hoping to offer a reference forthe further study on Mongolian even minority literature research.This thesis selectively analyzed MaLaQinFu’s works early after1949, stated hisnarrative style of finely depicting the real life in the grassland and catering to thepolitical discourse of the mainstream ideology, inheriting the narrative tradition of"based on reality" of ancient Mongolian novels; for Xi Mu-rong, taking1989as hercreating watershed, and explaining separately sad hometown plot in her works in1980s, and the transformation of her creating direction, position and gesture afterreturning to hometown in1989; while Zhang Cheng-zhi’s prairie novel series singmother and concern about the life, building narrative frameworks in the melodiousand vigorous folk songs, bringing his works distinct Mongolian characteristics, lettingfolk songs accompany narrating, expressing national characteristics to the extreme.These famous writers touched countless reader’s hearts in singing prairie motheras much as one likes, however, everything is not perfect, their creation is also hard toavoid some deficiencies and defects.
Keywords/Search Tags:Prairie-theme Literature, MaLaQinFu, Xi Mu-rong, Zhang Cheng-zhi
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