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Analysis Of The Manchuria And Mongolia Railway Rights Between China And Japan

Posted on:2014-12-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Through the creditor’s rights control railway power even for more economic rights, is the characteristics of the modern imperialist colonial in China, also is Japan’s peace conquer northeast China established national policy. So about railway debt relations, the way of northeast area and various transport problems such as the representations of the focus of modern diplomacy between the two countries cannot avoid, which is the focus of the modern diplomacy between the two countries cannot avoid. However, since the1920s, after Zhang zuolin formal based on and start over the northeast, the northeast railway department warlords began pushing for self-raised and self-governance system to Compete under the Japanese rule, the south Manchuria railway system, and then slowly figure gradual recovery of the economic rights of all stripes. There are two countermeasures in Japan, one is directly or indirectly with the south Manchuria railway across the northeast railway transport, so will the train line of railway are becoming Manchuria Railway Company everywhere, to the train line of railway are becoming Manchuria Railway Company everywhere, the other is in order to maintain the vested economic rights of the south Manchuria railway, citing south Manchuria railway parallel, since the protest against the Chinese railroad, to prevent the Chinese use railway and manchuria railway into competition. All in all, the railway transport and parallel to the two big problems, is the core of modern full cover way negotiations between China and Japan.Tao ang Railway vehicle misappropriates of Fenghai Railway event occurs at the beginning of1928, At that time, winning the second northern expedition of the south national government, the department of the northern regime. At the same time, in representations to Japan, the full way problems has been in a heated state,"with the new representations" particularly close. This paper hope to the specific events as the research object, through the textual research of the literature of the original file, make a detailed analysis of the beginning and end of the event and the sino-japanese negotiations after before and after the event. By means of the analysis of the event, to the full competition way bargaining relationship of creditor’s rights, combined transport and railway lines for the several problems such as to interpretation.This paper expounds the three conflict main themes, there are Tao ang Railway vehicle misappropriates, Fenghai road multimodal transport, Through rail extension cord and other things. Think China compiles Tao ang Railway vehicles for the outburst, but Japan is continually by the event and deliberately escalation, the figure of the root is in the one will serve by sea and the south Manchuria railway transport, which also includes Japan, of course, that day in way for a long time negotiations, especially deferment not definitely day new five road representations of the full the bitterness discontent, real desire to take this opportunity to stress in the line.Finally, this paper based on the above review, combining event in China through specific circumstances, to demonstrate railway debt relations, multimodal transport and Manchuria railway parallel to the way negotiations between China and Japan in modern research of traditional problems such as to demonstrate. Also, from the serve system the analysis of way of diplomatic thought to Japan, the days of long way involves full covered during new five-way bargaining done certain analysis, in order to from a different angle on the Japanese bargaining toughness of compensatory and rethinking.
Keywords/Search Tags:Northeast Railway power, Fenghai road, Tao ong Road, TheSouth Manchurian Railway parallel lines, Manchuria and Mongolia fiverailway
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