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On "Manchu" And Japanese Imperialism 's Invasion Of Immigrants In Northeast China

Posted on:2015-10-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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After the Russo Japanese war in 1904 to 1905, according to the "Portsmouth treaty" grab the tsarist Russia in Northeast China Middle East Railway Line Kuanchengzi to Dalian Lushun-operation right of Japan, in order to further invading Northeast of China, June 7 1906, Japan under the emperor decree established the so-called" national policy company"-the South Manchurian Railway Company, referred to as the "Manchurian railway". "anchurian Railway Company" as the Japanese imperialist invading Northeast of China established "national policy company", on the Japanese imperialist expansion in Northeast of China invading rights, plays a special and important role of predatory Northeast China Resources and eventually invaded and occupied Northeast of China. In the Japanese imperialism "mmigrant invasion" Northeast of China, "Manchurian Railway Company" plays a very important role.Japanese imperialist in the northeast of China, "immigration invasion" can be roughly divided into three stages. That is, before the "1906 to 1931" September 18 Incident pilot migration stage "September 18 Incident" to "the Incident of July 7" before the "policy of immigration" and "the Incident of July 7" After the 1945 August Japanese surrender now large-scale mmigrant stage. Company of Japan’s imperialist aggression in Northeast of China’s first chairman Kodama Gentaro, the son of jade after the first president Shinpei Gotoh not only put forward "mmigration aggression" ideology and "Manchurian Railway Company" as the Japanese imperialist invading Chinese Northeast"strategy club", also played the "immigration invasion plan "agitator, planners and implementers role.
Keywords/Search Tags:Japanese immigration, Manchurian Railway Company, Gotou Shinpei, immigrant invasion, Northeast of China
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