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A Study On Building CPC’s Basic Organizations In The Areas Of Urban-rural Integration

Posted on:2014-05-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330401975475Subject:Local Governance
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Community-level Party organizations play a key role in rallying and leading the people inimplementing the Party’s theories, line, principles and policies and in carrying out its tasks., and is thefoundation of party’s entire job and the battle efficiency.Report to18th NCCPC proposed that “Promotecommunity-level Party building in an innovative way and consolidate the organizational foundation for theexercise of governance by the Party” in “Making Party Building More Scientific in All Respects”. Itsuggested that” We should implement the system of responsibility for Party building, strengthen Partyorganizations in both rural and urban communities, step up efforts to establish and strengthen Partyorganizations in non-public economic entities and social organizations, and carry out community-levelParty building in all areas. We should expand the coverage of Party organizations and Party work”,“Weshould improve the network of community-level Party organizations, enhance the competence of theirleaders, further integrate Party building resources in urban and rural areas, and ensure sufficient funding forcommunity-level Party organizations. We should make community-level Party organizations moreservice-oriented”. This is the new request according to the new situation and the duty.Building anurban-rural-coordinate structure of CPC’s basic organizations should include building CPC’s organizationin the areas of urban-rural integration, which is of indeed urgency and necessity. In this paper, the authormakes a study on the new structure of CPC’s basic organizations in Shancheng district where village andcity are integrated. The author sums up its way of building, its actual result and features of innovation; andthen puts forward countermeasures for different areas’ reference:This paper is consisted of four parts.First,through the investigation of Building an urban-rural-coordinate structure of CPC’s basicorganizations and the massive literature material’s study research,detailed analysis has been carried out onthe research status of the domestic Building CPC’s Basic Organizations in the Areas of Urban-RuralIntegration in the new time.This has provided the rich theory instruction and the research source materialfor the topic research;This has determined this paper’s research direction,the method,the principle and the content as well as the technical route and the innovation spot, which has laid a good foundation for thispaper research.Second, from the analytical study of Building an urban-rural-coordinate structure of CPC’s basicorganizations in Shancheng district,the main feature and the existing subject matter in present new timehave been summarized.In view of Shancheng district’s characteristic,the reason which formed in thesubject matter has been carried out.It has been clear about Building CPC’s Basic Organizations in theAreas of Urban-Rural Integration in Shancheng district constructs the principle,the content,the method aswell as the way and the means initially.This is key point and the difficulty of the topic research.Fourth,to the present situation,the subject matter,forming reason and in the principle content’sanalytical study’s foundation,the countermeasure ponder for Building CPC’s Basic Organizations in theAreas of Urban-Rural Integration in Shancheng district.This part is also the conclusion which this articlefoothold and grinds.Its characteristic is the system construction penetration in the party building workentire process,the exploratory proposed draws close to practical,practical and feasible,has the feasibilityimprovement and strengthens the way which and the means Building CPC’s Basic Organizations in theAreas of Urban-Rural Integration in Shancheng district for shancheng district....
Keywords/Search Tags:urban-rural integration, The grass-roots party construction, sanceng area
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