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The Creative Practice Of The Masses Of The People Study On Influence Of Leader Guiding Ideology Formation

Posted on:2015-01-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330425489376Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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In the history of international communist movement, in the course of China’s revolution and construction, leaders play a positive role fully, leaders through summing up the working people’s creative practice experience, combined with the actual situation and through their own thinking work, eventually formed the leaders thought and theory, these thoughts and theories later rise become the guiding ideology, some into policy and decision-making, as all kinds of organizations and the masses of the people to comply with and implement. However, we should also see the formation of creative practice, the people of leader guiding ideology has also produced important influence. The principles of Marx tells us:"the people are the creator of history","the masses are the creation of the history of the world power". Between people’s creative practice and leader of the guiding ideology is what works? The general performance is a process of what? Leaders from the people’s creative practice to learn theoretical knowledge and will improve as the guiding ideology and into the policy and decision making, become the main problem in the research in this paper.This paper mainly adopts the way of demonstration through the typical case, after the founding of the people of Anhui three creative practice of typical, using on-the-spot investigation, theoretical thinking and other methods are studied, based on the three generation of the Party’s leaders since the founding of new China in different periods, according to people create in life practice, the three major decisions are made. Case, analysis of the impact of the society creative practice of the masses of the people on the guiding ideology and the decision of leaders and its forming process. Combined with the construction of Harmonious Society of socialism, explore how to ensure the smooth report the feelings of the common people, give play effectively to guarantee the people’s history of the creative activities.
Keywords/Search Tags:Masses of the people, Creative practice, Leaders, Guidingideology, Xuemeng Chen, Guangjiu Nian, Xiao Gang Village
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