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Research On The Role Definition Of The Government In Value-added Income Distribution Of The Levied Farmland

Posted on:2014-07-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330425978855Subject:Administrative Management
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With the prosperity and development of our economic society, in order to meet the need of the development of industrialization and urbanization, land expropriation is inevitable. In the process of land expropriation, agricultural land which is converted to industrial and commercial land rise in value. According to our country’s current land tenure system and land market’s development, government plays an irreplaceable role in the process of land expropriation. However, in this process, there is such a problem:the government is not only demanders of the land, but also suppliers of the land. So, government controls the buying and selling prices of land, price scissors between farmland levy and conversion lead to appreciation income of land. Then how to suitably assign the increase in the value of the land between the government and the farmers concerns the fairness and justice of distribution. As the leader of the whole process of the land expropriation, government should clearly define the role of their own, and avoid the dislocation, vacancy or offside of the government’s function. Because it is not only directly related to land-losing farmer’s legitimate rights and interests, it is also the key to promotes gradually perfecting development of land market of China and the steady, harmonious development of rural society.The thesis regards the role orientation of the government in the land value-added income distribution as the object of research, the main line is fairness and justice during the process of land value-added income distribution. At first, the article introduces the role of the government during the process of land value-added income distribution, and the theories and principles which right positioning of the government should follow. The second part focuses on the very concrete embodiment of government’s dislocation during the process of land value-added income distribution, then analyzes the reasons of government’s dislocation from government itself, institutional level, etc. The third part is also important, it makes a summing up of the advanced experience of developed countries, such as America, Britain, Japan. Basing on these, it deeply analyzes the reasons why there some differences existing at home and abroad on the role position of government during the process of land value-added income distribution. At last, according to the role of government’s relocations, the improvement and the standard of relevant legal system, Maintenance the farmers’ main body status, it puts forward some ideas and countermeasures on repositioning government function.
Keywords/Search Tags:rural land requisition, land value increment, income distribution, the role ofgovernment, land market
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