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Legal Issues Of Rural Collective Land Value-added Income Distribution

Posted on:2016-12-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z M WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330482969687Subject:Economic Law
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Expropriation of rural land value-added income allocation related to the vital interests of the landless peasants, therefore the rural collective land value-added income distribution since the emergence of the land requisition system has been attention. With the community’s concern for rural society, farmers in land expropriation value ratio of income distribution has been significantly improved. However, value-added distribution of income still exist many problems at this stage of rural land expropriation. This article is combing through court-related trial documents and relevant normative documents, analyze legal issues of rural land expropriation value income distribution exist, the reasons and the corresponding improvement suggestions in order to build a rural land expropriation in value-added income distribution legal protection systems provide theoretical support.Article literature research methods, empirical analysis and normative analysis of rural land expropriation value income distribution status of a systematic study, analysis of the value of rural land expropriation problems of income distribution, mainly for government-led value-added income distribution pattern developers unreasonable share of value-added benefits, there is a big problem of land acquisition compensation mechanism and the rural collective economic organizations severely blurred, and the reason why these problems exist, primarily dual monopoly in the government’s land acquisition, land development rights missing system, land expropriation and land value-added income of farmers missing assignment right to participate in the emergence of the concept of bias.After the article was added to rural land expropriation income distribution empirical analysis of the legal issues presented recommendations to improve rural land expropriation legal issues of value-added distribution of income. First, it should first update the concept of land value-added income distribution, a clear principle of distribution, establishing the concept of equivalent exchange of value-added distribution of income, as well as follow the principles of fairness, participates in the distribution according to the causes, principles and safeguard the principle of earmarking. Second, establish and improve the collection of rural land value-added income distribution mechanism, including the reform of the rural collective land expropriation system, improve the rural construction land market mechanism, the establishment of rural collective land ownership system and the establishment of four special fund value-added benefits of rural land system. Third, a sound mechanism for supporting farmers share the land value-added income distribution, including the improvement of relevant judicial relief mechanism, improve the social security mechanism landless peasants and improve the land valuation system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Land value-added income, Land value-added income distribution, Rural collective economic organizations, Land development rights
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