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Study On The Regulation Of The Commercial Bank In The View Of The Administration Nomocracy

Posted on:2014-08-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330425980068Subject:Economic Law
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As the core of modern economy, banking’s safe and sound operating is the basic condition of a country’s economic stability and development. Since the1980s, with the liberalization of world financial regulation and the accelerating process of financial liberalization, the banking sector has developing rapidly,and the competition also even more serious, the operating risks that accompanied has increasing in an unprecedented speed and scale, the bank’s risks and the crisis were raised widespread concern in the international community.Strengthen banking supervision, guard against and defuse financial risks and other issues have been concerned widely by the national banking supervisory authorities and the international financial system. Therefore, governments around the world have adopted stricter controls on banks to control its external negative effects. The publishment of the new Basel II framework is the generalization and summarization of the theory and practice of banking supervision of the Western countries in recent years, which establish a developing direction for the f international banking regulation.With advances in technology and accelerating development of financial innovation and the integration of capital market, the difficulty of banking supervision is increasing, h traditional regulatory as been far from manage the complicated situation. Facing the new situation, governments in the world are regulating original thinking in succession while stepping up research of new ideas to further improve the efficiency of supervision.The economy of China is developing rapidly, while the lack of corresponding effective regulatory system of commercial banks makes it very difficult to improve commercial banks’ asset quality and management mechanism, it’s also increasing the difficulty of administrative supervision of banks.Under this kind of international environment, the administrative supervision of China’s commercial banks is grim. Thus, in the face of severe international financial situation and the serious reform conditions, the government what regulatory mechanisms and active and effective administrative supervision will be adopted, and continue to improve operational efficiency and reduce commercial banks’ operational risk, further improve commercial banks’ internal corporate governance structure, has become an important issue of China’s commercial banks’ reform and development.This paper attempts to explore the main difficulties and problems in the administrative supervision of commercial banks, learn from the successful experience of developed countries, propose measures to improve the effectiveness of administrative control of banking supervision in the current new situation. This is undoubtedly of great importance and has practical significance in improving administrative supervision of China.
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