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Research On The Legal Issue Of Clean Development Mechanism(CDM) Of Our Country

Posted on:2014-01-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Kyoto Protocol established three ways of carbon emission, Joint Implementation (JI)in Article6, Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) in Article12, International EmissionsTrading in Article17. Among them, the CDM is the only mechanism which China couldbe a part of as a developing country.Since the development of CDM in China, the achievements China has obtained havedrawn a lot of attentions worldwide, thus various entities within benefit much. China topsin ranks both in the registered amount and certified amount in the UN. However, problemsare: there are no laws, administrative regulations, judicial interpretations, local regulations,local government regulations about CDM, only lower ranks such as departmental rules,departmental normative documents, local normative documents. Besides, otherimprovements are also needed to be done about CDM system.Kyoto Protocol’s first commitment period is due in2012. The prospect of CDM inChina is very ambiguous. Thus this situation adds unstability to CDM.This essay was born in this background. Targeted at CDM in China, it is divided intothree chapters. Chapter One is the introduction to the theoretical background of CDM. InChapter Two, the author analyzes CDM’s recent situation in China including its rulesand regulations, its developments and problems. In Chapter Three, the author providesways of the improvements of CDM in China. In the conclusion part, it forecasts the futureof CDM after the year of2012.
Keywords/Search Tags:Kyoto Protocol, CDM (Clean Development Mechanism), legal rules andregulations, Post-Kyoto-Times
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