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Engels' "On Authority" In Ideological Content And Its Contemporary Enlightenment

Posted on:2014-09-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330425456216Subject:Marxist philosophy
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Authority is what can ensure a collectivity proceed social activities orderly.The communist party of China is the leader’s of Chinese various undertakings,after a long struggle and reform,the communist party of China set up the legitimacy of political authority,but along with the modernization construction unceasingly thorough,each enterprise is facing challenges and opportunities,the government’s authority is faced with challenges,highlighted the government authority weakening phenomenon more and more serious in front of us,challenge the legitimacy of the government authority, it lead we to pay attention to the authority and the government’s authority and to study the problem again.the Marxist view of authority is the theoretical premise of the studying of authority,so based on the thought of Engels’s"Theory of authority",this article discusses and researches the questions related to authority,analyzes the development of the authority,the essence of authority,the legitimacy of political authority and so on,on the basis of the actual authority problems that Chinese government faced with,it builds a series of theoretical presupposition from several aspects,such as the transformation and construction of the government itself,the level of citizen’s participation and so on.The article is divided into four parts:The first part is introduction,focus on the analysis of the basis and significance of this study, the research summary, research methods and innovations,etc;The second part is the background of creating"the theory of authority", this article mainly discusses from three aspects example for the social background, theoretical background, the direct reason in this paper.The third part is the interpretation of ideological content about "the theory of authority".It analyzes the essence of authority, emerge of the authority,the relation between the authority and autonomy,and the revolution is the most authoritative.In addition,in this part it refutes an argument that some scholars believe that Engels’s" authority "is an narrow authority and demonstrates it;The fourth part is the analysis of the current situation about the modern Chinese government’s authority and the theory of presupposition.It explores the root of the legitimacy of the Chinese government’s authority,phenomenons and reasons about the weakening of government’s authority,what it based on,it advances a theory of presupposition about reshaping the government’s authority; The fifth part is the epilogue part of this article. It expresses the expectation and confidence on the reshaping of Chinese government’s authority.
Keywords/Search Tags:authority, government’s authority, the legitimacy of the Chinese government’sauthority
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