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Study Of The Responsibility To Take Care Of Urban Low Income Elders By Shenyang

Posted on:2013-10-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330425497170Subject:Social security
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Silver hair wave and family miniaturization put forward unprecedented challenges to China’s old-age work. Although the development of social material civilization is rapid,urban low-income elders are still is bad status. Now, the social fairness and justice become popular value pursuit and the construction of harmonious socialist society is going on. In these contexts,the situation of urban low income elders is in front of us and urgent.This paper taking Shenyang for example is made through the way of the questionnaires and interviews. By making analyses of the current situation about urban low income elders’care need and responsibility, find problems of care responsibility and puts forward advices for better care. The author thinks that the care need of urban low income elders is comprehensive and requires formal and informal care support. Every subjects should undertake responsibility to meet objects’ demand, according to their duty and the ability.The first part of this paper is introducing the thesis research background, significance and research review; The second part introduces the theoretical analyses of taking care of the urban low income elders, including Rawls justice theory, social support network theory and the theory of shared function. The third part is about care needs and assistance system of urban low income elders. The fourth part is the current situation of main responsibility to take care of the urban low income elders. The fifth part puts forward evaluation criterion of responsibility and makes analysis of the problems of the main body existing in the responsibility. The sixth part puts forward the principle of bearing responsibility and some countermeasures to improve the level and quality of care.
Keywords/Search Tags:Lower income elders, Care needs, Care responsibility
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