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Research On Legal System Of International Carbon Emissions Rights Trading

Posted on:2014-03-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330425989566Subject:International Law
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The carbon emissions are new rights generated to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol as the core of the international legal system. Global climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions has become a major challenge facing humanity. On carbon emissions, the emphasis of developed countries is on environmental rights, while developing countries stress the right to development, the two sides should bear the common but differentiated responsibilities. Carbon emissions has a theoretical basis, but from the carbon emission rights in the international and domestic legislative practice to see the legal system of the international carbon emissions, there are still many defects. Therefore, reasonable legal system design, sound accounting distribution system, effective monitoring and supervision system and strong technical support mechanisms are ways to overcome the current international carbon emissions legal system defects. Largest supply side as carbon emissions,we should as soon as possible build China’s carbon emissions trading system in order to take initiative, have the right to speak in the carbon emissions trading market.The article is divided into six parts:Introduction, thesis research purposes, significance, analysis of the Review of the Studies and papers about the structure, innovation and research methods.The second chapter is a basic overview of the theory of international carbon emissions trading system, by introducing the carbon emissions generated background, connotation and theoretical basis, legal attributes and value of the introduction of carbon emissions trading system.The third chapter is the international carbon emissions legislation and practice of the legal system, this chapter by introducing the terms of the international environmental protection laws and national carbon emissions legislative status quot, and national carbon reduction and carbon trading practical experience, more in-depth comparison of national system advantages and disadvantages.The fourth chapter is the legal difficulties of the international carbon emissions trading, on the basis of the previous chapter of this chapter summarizes the international and national carbon emissions trading legislation defects, in-depth analysis of the need for the development of relevant legislation.The fifth chapter is the way to resolve international carbon emissions trading legal difficulties, this chapter in close connection with the present stage of international carbon emissions trading legal deficiencies in the system, improve the carbon emissions initial distribution system solutions.The last chapter is the improvement of the legal system of China’s carbon emissions trading, this chapter discusses the international carbon emissions trading legal system impact on China and China’s carbon trading Legislation and practice course, on this basis, establish and improve our carbon emissions trading market recommendations.
Keywords/Search Tags:International carbon emissions trading, Global climate change, the UnitedNations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Kyoto Protocol, LegalDilemma
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