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People In The Communist Party Of China Shandong Anti - Japanese Base Mobilization

Posted on:2015-01-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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During the period of Anti Japanese War, the Communist Party of Chinese in Shandong AntiJapanese Base Area used a variety of methods, carried out populace mobilization work in-depth.In accordance with the masses of the people actively, the Party’s populace mobilization work hadreceived very good effect, became the key factors to win the victory of the Anti Japanese war.The Party’s populace mobilization work in Shandong Anti Japanese Base Area was decidedby the background factors of certain institute. After the outbreak of the war, the populace ofShandong faced a hitherto unknown national crisis, populace mobilization is the internalrequirement for the war of resistance; the Party’s rich experience of populace mobilization andthe recovery and development of Shandong Party organization had laid a foundation; at the sametime, whether it is thought the advanced workers and students, or the farmer class, all of themneeded the Party to lead them and carry out the struggle against the enemy.In the period of Anti Japanese War, the Party Party’s populace mobilization work hasthrough an evolving and maturing process in Shandong. The Party organization had conductedvery fruitful populace mobilization work during the beginning of the period of Anti Japanese War,the beginning of initial development period of Shandong Anti Japanese Base Area, overcomingthe serious difficulties period and winning the victory of Anti Japanese War period.China Communist Party carried out the rich content, various forms of mobilization. In thepolitical aspect, the party carried out extensive propaganda; mobilized the people to join thevarious mass organization; mobilized people to participate in Anti Japanese national salvation. Ineconomic aspect, the party established new financial and economic policy; mobilized people toparticipate in production; carried out the reduction of rent and interest and improved employeetreatment movement. In the culture aspect, the Party developed of mass culture and education;carried out literature and art work. In the military aspect, the Party disseminated militarymobilization policy; mobilized people to participate in the Anti Japanese guerrilla war militia;encouraged people to join the army; mobilized people to join the Anti Japanese offensivecombat.The affect of Chinese Communist Party’s populace mobilization work in Shandong AntiJapanese Base Area is significant: first, promoted the success of the war; second, promoted the development of Shandong Party organization; third, promoted the development of ShandongAnti Japanese Base Area. The work also reflects many characteristics: the order and strategy, thewide range of people, organizational flexibility.Summary of the Party’s populace mobilization work, can provide the theoretical andpractical experience beneficial inspiration for us. In theory aspect, first is to insist on the guidingideology of the Marx doctrine, the Marx doctrine China; second is to insist on the ideologicalline of seek truth from facts, absorbing the lessons of history; third is to adhere to the viewpointof historical materialism, respect the people’s main body position in history. In practice aspect:first is the maintenance of good, the vital interests of masses of the people is the basis fordevelopment of the populace mobilization; second is to strengthen the self construction of theparty is the prerequisite to the populace mobilization; third is the appropriate strategy is tomobilize people to ensure.
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