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Research On Anti-Japanese War Propaganda In Shandong Anti-Japanese Base

Posted on:2021-05-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330602963496Subject:Chinese Communist Party
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The Communist Party of China led a large-scale and diverse form of anti-Japanese war propaganda work in the Shandong Anti-Japanese Base.Anti-Japanese war propaganda became an important factor for the party to lead the people to victory in the war.The anti-Japanese propaganda work in Shandong Anti-Japanese Base Area was carried out under a certain historical background.In modern times,Shandong has suffered from aggression by foreign enemies.The people have a deep anti-imperialist patriotic sentiment.The dark rule of the National Government has deepened the people 's aversion.The development of the Communist Party of China in Shandong and the various policies implemented in Shandong have brought Shandong people New hopes have laid the foundation for the party to carry out anti-Japanese war propaganda in Shandong.The anti-Japanese propaganda in the Shandong Anti-Japanese Base experienced a development process from scratch to small.In order to carry out the Anti-Japanese War propaganda to the greatest extent,mobilize the people to join the army and support the front line.Under the leadership of the Party,the base area is centered on the propaganda of the Anti-Japanese War,by distributing anti-Japanese war propaganda materials,publishing anti-Japanese war newspapers,anti-Japanese war journals,publishing revolutionary books and other news propaganda,Drama,singing,literature,quyi and other literary propaganda,school education,social education,cadre education and other educational propaganda methods,carrying out political propaganda,economic propaganda,cultural propaganda,military propaganda,focusing on the use of typical propaganda,colorful propaganda methods and popularEasy-to-understand,funny and humorous propaganda style and other propaganda strategies to expose the deceptive propaganda and enslavement education of Japanese imperialism,maintain and consolidate the anti-Japanese national united front,expose the anti-Communist surrender conspiracy of the Kuomintang diehards,promote rent and interest reduction and mobilize to participate in large-scale production The campaign,a political offensive against the enemy,promoted the growth and development of the Shandong Party organization,promoted the development of the Shandong Anti-Japanese Base,awakened the national consciousness of the people participating in the anti-Japanese war and serving the anti-Japanese war,and countered the deceptive propaganda and slavery education of the Japanese puppets.A large amount of human,material and financial resources were prepared for the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan.The anti-Japanese propaganda work in the Shandong Anti-Japanese Base provided important experience for the party 's propaganda work today: adhere to the party ' s absolute leadership over the propaganda work;adhere to the guidance of Marxism and continue to promote the sinicization of Marxism;propaganda work should serve the practical needs and the center Work is closely integrated;propaganda work must adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts.At the same time,it also provides important enlightenment for our current propaganda work.We must always adhere to the leadership of the party;we must always adhere to the fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly;we must pay attention to the cultivation of new people who are responsible for national rejuvenation;we must promote the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation.These experiences and enlightenments provide an important historical reference for the propaganda work of the Party in the new era.
Keywords/Search Tags:Chinese Communist Party, period of comprehensive anti-Japanese war, Shandong anti-Japanese base area, Anti-Japanese War Publicity
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