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Research On Response Mechanism Of Chinese Social Riots In Transition Peirod

Posted on:2015-02-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Z DongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2266330428456293Subject:Administrative Management
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After30years of reform and opening up, China is in a critical period of socialtransformation, economic construction and social development has made remarkableachievements, but when the social transformation in our country pour into the modernity,it also gives birth to many social conflicts and problems, so that our country is facingunprecedented texts and challenges. Benefit distribution has been unbalanced, socialstratum differentiation has been increasingly divided, gaps between rich and poor arewidening, inadequate social security, the poor expression of mechanism of interestdemands, all those provide the soil for the breeding of social riots to a certainextent.Coupled with some local governments face “fuse” incident unresponsive,disposal is not in time, the ways and means are misconduct and other reasons, missedthe best time to dispose the event, so that make the events worse and upgrade and leadto the outbreak of social unrest events, and the size and number is still rising. Socialunrest incidents are seriously endangering the lives and properties of our people, havebrought great impact on social stability and economic development, and have become astumbling block to maintain social stability, are an important issue of the party and thecountry that we must face and make efforts to solve.It is never too late to mend. For those events that we bring to bear the pains andlessons, we must base on the big environment of social development and constantlychanging international situation, face squarely various social contradictions on the basisof learning and sharing the successful experience of foreign countries to prevent andhandle the social unrest incidents, find out the experience and methods to adapt toChina’s national conditions, and actively build social unrest incident responsemechanisms and improve the ability to prevent the disposal of the local government, tominimize the occurrence of the social unrest events, promote the harmoniousdevelopment of society, in order to consolidate the Communist Party status andsafeguard its people and maintain stability of the state to lay a solid foundation.This paper is in closely connection with reality. And after research and analyze the evolution mechanisms, elements, features, trends of social riots occurred in China inrecent years, and the importance of building our country’s social riots responsemechanisms and its practical problems, on the basis of learning from foreign developedcountry’s success experience of social riots response mechanisms, in order to proposethe suggestions of establishing and improving our country’s social riots responsemechanisms. The article elaborates from six parts: Part I describes the background andsignificance of the thesis, current research in domestic and foreign countries, theoreticalfoundation, analytical framework and methods, innovation and shortcomings of thearticle; Part II focuses on the social transformation of our social riots’ connotation,evolution mechanism, elements, characteristics and trends in transition period; Part IIIdescribes the connotation and composition of our country’s social riots responsemechanisms in transition period, the importance of building response mechanisms andits practical problems; Part IV describes the successful experience in response ofincidents of social riots in United States, Russia and Canada, and summarize theircommonalities in order to learn from the best. Parts V elaborates the suggestions thatestablish and improve our social riots response mechanisms on the basis from thepreamble; Part VI reviewed and summarized the whole research.
Keywords/Search Tags:transition period, social riots, response mechanism
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