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The Research Of The Project Schedule Management On The QP District Government Information Platform

Posted on:2015-03-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X D ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2266330428456349Subject:Project management
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Recently, the rapid development of e-government in China greatly improves the informationization level within the government. Nowadays, governments as all levers from the central government to local governments, value the promotion of the development of and employment of e-government project. The QP District makes great progress in the size expansion of e-government project and information projects and also they are widely promoted by all lines of governments. So we do have higher requirements of information projects in the field of government administration.The importance and necessity of e-government project management is obvious. The way of correctly and effectively managing the whole project schedule management is the major content of research. The context combine with the author’s work personal experience of participating and implementing the project of the QP government information platform and then analyze and summarize the experience and lessons about a series of problems in the process control management, such as indeterminate task, impractical project plan and process lugging. And the author mentioned the solutions applied in this project such as task decomposition, plan follow-up, regular meeting check and the precious experience and lessons of this measure.The main content of this paper is to combine the project management theory with the practical situation of e-government project management and research the QP government information platform project from project schedule management. As a result, some problems existing in the project implementation process can be solved from the following aspects, namely optimizing the project team organization structure, creation specifications for project, making reasonable projects implementation plan, improving project alteration process and report system. Introducing project management theory to e-government project construction and standardizing e-government project management can not only make-up and improve e-government project management system to a certain extent, but also provide safeguard for the healthy development of e-government construction.
Keywords/Search Tags:Project management, Schedule management, E-government, Government information platform
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