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Research Of The No.1Northeast Anti Japanese United Army

Posted on:2015-02-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The nine one eight incident happened in1931,the Japanese imperialism began to invadthe Northeast of China,the Nan Jing government adhere to the policy not to resistant,then itresults the northeast china occupied.China Communist Party in the incident made a rapidreaction,calling up the people to fight,force all power to given a heavy blow to the Japaneseimperialist.In the northeast of China all patriotic Anti Japanese enthusiasm,encouragement andleadership in the local Party organizations,set up the Northeast Anti Japanese coalition,theyovercome many difficulties,made a resistance to the Japanese imperialist aggression.The First Army of the Northeast Anti Japanese United Army is the army of the NortheastAnti Japanese coalition,people often call it The First Army,it is the first which was directlyunder the leadership of the Communist Party of china.The First Army’s major activities is in thesouth area,the enemy forces in the south area is extremely strong,the military struggleenvironment is very hard,the army fight against the enemy guerrilla and balanced for otherresistance forces struggle provide other forces a strong support; The First Army smartly unitedall the forces on the daily struggle,it was the future of our party’s united front of a preliminaryattempt; it also provides valuable experience of on the base development and struggle for theother anti Japanese forces;The First Army transferred to adhere to the anti war fullydemonstrated its firm determination to fight against the alp.The body of the paper consists of three parts.The first part of the First Army creation’sbackground and process,detailly including its army to create situation at home and abroad,aswell as three process under the background of the First Army create experience.The secondchapter expounds the First Army’s struggle,showing how the First Army developed.This chapteris divided into three parts,separately from the army to the people and the other anti Japaneseforces combined with engine,the army’s guerrilla base to discusses the struggle the First Armyin three aspects of Anti Japanese struggle,development of strategic transfer period.On the FirstArmy fighting process, the description mainly to fight an army for the writing of historical dataof the foundation,has systematically combed the army is how to carry out the struggle.Thefourth chapter mainly discusses the evaluation of the First Army’s struggle,including the statusand significance of the military struggle in the history of the Anti Japanese War.Study of the First Army struggle has an important significance for us to reunderstand theNortheast Anti Japanese position in the whole country in the war,they are anti Japanese War Shouyi,opened a prelude to the Chinese Anti Japanese War;they are not afraid of hardship,notafraid of difficulties,the courage to sacrifice the spirit of struggle and refuse to be cowed orsubmit patriotism spirit is the valuable wealth of the whole Chinese nation and it will keep in allof the Chinese people,keeping carry forward.
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