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On Deepening The Reform Of The Administrative Examination And Approval System

Posted on:2015-02-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330428983616Subject:Administrative Management
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According to the Third Plenary Session of the eighteen deployment, administrativeexamination and approval items "negative list" management system to replace thetraditional administrative examination and approval system. From the traditional way ofadministrative examination and approval items in addition to the examination andapproval list by market subject to decide, this will be "promoted pupation for butterfly"-and over. Li Keqiang stressed on many occasions, the reform of administrativeexamination and approval system is a breakthrough in the transformation of governmentfunctions, is the release of reform, build a China economic dividend important upgrade.The reform of the administrative examination and approval system, decentralization,helps to clarify the government power boundary, promote the healthy and orderlydevelopment of the market economy. Delegated approval authority administration is thetransformation of government functions, the necessary measure of service typegovernment construction. In2014the State Council issued the "State Council onFebruary, cancel and delegation of a number of items of administrative examination andapproval decision", again canceled and the decentralization of64administrativeapproval items and18sub items. The central government has five canceled and thedecentralization of administrative examination and approval matters, decentralizationcontinue to step solid pace. Everything indicates that the central governmentdetermination and efforts to the reform of the administrative examination and approval of.
Keywords/Search Tags:administration, the reforming of administrative sanction system, Streamline administration and institute decentralization, Economic development
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