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Fitness Club Coaches In Hangzhou Ningbo And Wenzhou’s Operating Performance And Impact Factors Research

Posted on:2014-08-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330422465554Subject:Humanities and sociology
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With the continuous development and reform of the operating fitness club, fitness club in thescale and types has reached an unprecedented stage of development. To survive in harshcompetition and improve the profit from the market, is the most important goal to run theorganization. As the clubs’core competency-coach, should help the club to achieve the goal, insome ways they can decide whether the club profit or not.How to tap the trainer’s ability to work, and how to motivate the coach’s capabilities, is theeffictive way to make use of the organization’s optimizing utilization of resources,when the clubwant to keep the current levels of the scale.Incentives provided by this study from the trainer’s ability to work, work environment,organizations three dimensions to investigate the the Coaches performance of influencing factors.The coaches’ performance status survey based on the coaches three angles:own taskperformance, the relationship between performance and deferred performance self-assessment.Author and mentor after rigorous analysis, quoted the outstanding graduate Song Qibin’ssurvey questionnaire that called the performance factors of the knowledge-based employees.Author got236valid questionnaires through investigated300coaches of32clubs fromhangzhon ningbo and wenzhou. At the same time author have the in-depth interviews in order tocollecte detiled data and information.Of cause,author analysis of the data by the SPSS19.Osoftware. In this section,at first descriptive analysis of demographic variables. Then using ANOVAanalysis method to analyze the performance of three coaches in Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou,Analyze the reasons for the differences between the performance of three regional coaches enoughthere is a significant difference, and attempts to analyze. After that by the correlation analysis, toverify whether there is a correlation between the influencing factors and the performance of thethree dimensions. Finally, by the means of the regression analysis to find factors have a significantimpact on coaches performance and find coaches higher performance related factors.Statistical results show that firstly, through the performance of three-dimensional degree havesome differences, but totally were interrelated and indivisible. The coaches performance in three-dimensional degree is different. Secondly coaches performance impact factors interdependent andmutually reinforcing,in other words, The ability of the coaches, the environment, and the club offers incentives inseparable, in order to make the coaches performance optimization only bysimultaneously.Finally, author found that for this group of coaches, material incentives and inspired by thespirit of the influencing factors, occupy a more important position.
Keywords/Search Tags:operating fitness club, Coaches performance, Influencing factors, relationship
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