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From Power Knowledge To Knowledge Power

Posted on:2014-02-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R R XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330422959965Subject:Principles of Education
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Trivial and diminutive as it is,Class life is usually accepted as the most fresh cellof education activity, covering a kind of spiritual communication that is often seen atthe each corner of classroom but unable to express with some vivid and exact words.Living in the certain space together, teachers make some decisions mainly based on aworth aim by delivering knowledge and setting a lot of regulations to form a lifepattern ranging from physical aspect to spiritual aspect in order to put an effectiveinfluence on the growth of children’body and wisdom.To give a clear description about the life pattern growing in the classroom asreally as possible, the paper’s writer tries to apply the method of the Archaeology ofknowledge to reappear the bookcase in history and those in current classroom.Although worked as an ordinary furnish in the past and now as an instrument showingup, they have obvious differences when they are used nowadays which are far fromwhat they are expected.After compared,an early conclusion has been made that thebookcase in history is regarded as channel through which consciousness becameenlightened from obscurantism and ideology ran liberate from confine. However, thebookcase in concurrence is used to help teachers with the grading division andstructure management. As the differences come into focus, the writer succeeds inpeeling the knowledge supremacy off the entire skills related to the bookcasemanagement, which can be described as a circle formed by power and knowledge andappears restricted by each other. As is mentioned above, the teachers occupyingknowledge stand at the higher position than pupils, so they have the right to makeregulations without a discussion, conversely, the pupils aiming at gaining thepermission of borrowing books and being awarded have to comply with theknowledge originated from the regulations.According to this, the mechanism abouthow knowledge disciplines people has shown itself to the public.In order to make the life pattern come back to the original state, some effortshave to be made that is change teachers’ attitude towards knowledge and restore thecommunication channel through which they can talk with each other freely andequally, meanwhile, the class culture centered on Chinese reading should be built up. Only the teachers are able to clear the relation among knowledge, life and personaldevelopment, all that is relative to setting regulations and coming out managementcan not be beyond our expectation and the class culture filled with sense of life ispossible to show up in the classroom...
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