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Research On The Structure Characteristics Of Beilun National Fitness Demonstration Area At The National Level

Posted on:2014-06-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M J LiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330422965553Subject:Humanities and sociology
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With the continuous development of economy and the continuous improvement of people’s livingstandard, more and more people pursue health. Especially the national fitness cause has a great developmentafter Beijing Olympic Games. The masses fitness consciousness is stronger and lays the foundation forcreating demonstration. Beilun district was inducted national fitness demonstration pilot units by the stategeneral administration of sports in September2011. Taking to Beilun phenomenon as a starting point, toBeilun national fitness at the national level demonstration zone as the breakthrough point, the paper analysesmodel structure characteristics and the influence factors of the national fitness demonstration area. It also putsforward structure adjustment and promotion of ideas and, looks for effective path to break the contradictionbetween people’s growing needs and the relative lack social sports resources. Its research results will providebe the basis for decisions and recommendations for the government on the effective development of thepublic gyms and stadiums in China.This study discusses the evolution, structure characteristics, development and structure adjustment andpromotion problems of the Beilun national fitness demonstration zone at the national level by the using thesociology, sports science, social management related theory, with the method of expert interview, on-the-spotinvestigation and questionnaire survey,taking to public products, organization structure as the main theoreticalbasis,.Reviewed the research on the national fitness, we can found the development direction of the nationalfitness work also gradually to "fitness investment diversification","fitness facilities popularization","socialfitness places","fitness organization network","fitness series". State-level pilot of China’s national fitnessdemonstration zone at national level is incorruptibly and inevitable choice of on the construction of thenational fitness public service system. Through the survey we found especially the advantages in variousaspects although the Beilun wing as the only level of a national demonstration zone. But also there are toomany "government-led" possession "scenes, policy execution face limited benefit degree, weak group co.,LTD., the diversification of fitness model is difficult to reflect the disadvantage. According to the actualsituation of Beilun, we make full use of their advantages and overcome the disadvantage, promoting theeffective implementation of the Beilun national fitness program. Therefore It is very important to try to thestructural adjustment and promotion by the current situation of Beilun national fitness demonstration area atthe national level...
Keywords/Search Tags:The national fitness, Structure characteristics, Demonstration area, At the national level
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