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Research On Actual Effect And Countermeasure Peasants Sports Fitness Project In Shandong Province

Posted on:2014-04-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330422965558Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Peasants sports fitness project implemented has been nearly six years in Shandong province,As the promotion of socialist new rural culture construction and the implementation of the majorityof farmers to improve the health level and physical fitness awareness project, With a quick, smallinvestment and make broad farmer is benefited directly. It promoted the healthy and rapiddevelopment of rural sports, make country to carry out a wide range of sports and fitness activities,Is the full implementation of the national fitness program and a pushing form, Combine "one pointthree line project" in Shandong province, execute double projects, healthy and harmoniousdevelopment, to be the characteristics of national fitness system in Shandong important assure.In this paper, using the method of literature, expert interviews, questionnaire survey, fieldsurvey, mathematical statistics and logical analysis of farmer sports fitness project effect inShandong province investigation, According to the found problems in the field investigation, aimsat the question, propose the strategy about effective cause of peasants sports fitness project effectmaximization, in order to achieve peasants sports fitness project effect reality, equalization better inShandong province, contribute to the building of the new rural sports culture an important force. Itprovides practical suggestions for the farmer sports fitness project in-depth implementationShandong province. Specific conclusions as follows:From the peasants sports fitness project general situation, since the peasants sports fitnessproject construction, the villagers and cadres in pilot village to participate in physical exerciseawareness has been enhanced, the villagers to participate in sports activity attitude overallimprovement. But overall for peasants sports fitness cognition level is in a lower position, theawareness of the villagers take the initiative to participate in physical exercise is relatively deficient;After this project, the number participating in the sports activities to increase some extent,villagers’ enthusiasm to improve, exercise population’s limitation improvement, the ratio of mento women is becoming more and more moderate, project promotion and management does notreach the designated position; Exercise with "sports population" more in pilot village, PeasantsSports Fitness Project is to actual exercise effect for village health level. In the pilot village, village committee and village style station initiative independent sportsactivity is poor, only a small portion of the pilot village has the aid of engineering regular sportsand science popularization activities. But the frequency is very low, there are even part of the pilotvillage without carrying out any activity almost a year, compare on the whole projectimplementation activities have greatly improved the frequency, but did not fully play out projects’"cultural leverage effect". The real sports activities from the village committee and various sportsdepartments organized is less, now the local characteristics of national traditional sports occupiesthe main position, there are a number of small competition of basketball and table tennis, folkautonomy organization "do play" activity gets the welcome of broad farmer. More and morefarmers prefer in engineering field for sports fitness,"Three supports and one help" of collegestudents and PE teachers in rural instead of social sports instructors plays an important role. Thenimplementation of college entrance examination of sports skill examination in Shandong province,Peasants Sports Fitness Project offers physical exercise and sports skill study places for ruralstudents, some of the best pilot village developed its own sports development way, for the othervillage to provide a paradigm.Pilot village for sports investment increasing, it is also affected by the eleven national games,the better able to explain the village sports consciousness gradually strong; Part of the school inrural of different extent of opening to the outside world to alleviate the shortage of sports venues;In the project on the villagers’ life style, changed some of the bad habits of villagers, training ofvillage health life style, riched village cultural life amateur, improve the living standards andquality of life. Formed a rural position new sports backbone, enhancing the guiding force. Inappearance, improve the village residential environment, beautification living environment, thevillage has a sense of belonging. Application of GIS (Geographic Information System) make apeasants sports fitness project effect maximization, rational distribution of rural sports resources,healthy village culture is more harmonious.
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