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Study On The Social Adaptation Of Professional Female Football Players In Some Parts Of Our Country

Posted on:2015-03-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330422967966Subject:Humanities and sociology
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Professional female football players are a group of people who have attracted little attentionfrom the society, and most of the studies on female football players are limited to the angle ofexercise physiology and how to improve the level of technical and tactical skills, while the studyon their living, learning and social interaction, etc. is basically in the blank stage. It is a problemdemanding prompt solution as to what physical qualifications and psychological conditions thefemale players who engage in this sport should have and as to what social adaptation ability theyshould possess for better integration into the society.With the use of literature method, questionnaire method, in-depth interview andmathematical statistics method, and from the perspective of sociology, this paper researches theissues related to the social adaptation of the professional female football players in some regionsin China. After a survey on the basic information of the professional female football players, thepaper starts with such7aspects as age, residence registration, love and marital status, educationbackground, social insurance, income situation and reason for engaging in this sport, to analyzethe difference of the impact on them and the5dimensionalities (learning adaptability,interpersonal adaptability, living accommodation, occupation adaptation and self-adaptation) ofsocial adaptation. In addition, with the combination of the survey result of in-depth interview, aconclusion is drawn:1. the younger ones have a clear advantage in learning adaptability.2. Agood romantic or marital relationship plays a role in promoting interpersonal communication.3.Those that have high academic qualifications, high income, and good social insurance have aclear advantage in living accommodation and occupation adaptation.4. Those who engage in thissport for love have a strong adaptive ability, and a high life satisfaction.For the problems encountered by the professional female football players in some regions ofour country, countermeasures are proposed for players, coaches, administrative staff and socialaspect:1. The government and relevant departments should increase investments in the trainingand education in social adaptation, to establish a professional social work team.2. Thegovernment should build a public service system for social adaptation and improve socialsecurity system to supply good security work for injured and retired players.3. The governmentshould improve the school education system for players and make teaching programs applicableto players.
Keywords/Search Tags:professional female football, athletes, social adaptation, countermeasures
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