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Survey Of Mountain Biking Development In Guizhou Province

Posted on:2014-10-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The1980s outdoor sports into China from the United States andEurope. Thereafter, as raising the level of our national economy as well as theintensification of the process of national industrialization and urbanization, thedevelopment momentum of the outdoor sports is increasingly rapidly, and is forminga surge in China. Mountain biking as an outdoor sport, set the speed, strength,endurance qualities as a whole, loved by the majority of outdoor sports enthusiasts.Guizhou Province is located in the the west economically underdeveloped areas,but its unique geographical environment makes mountain biking is widely carried outin this region. Therefore, in order to carry out the status quo-depth Analysis ofGuizhou Province, mountain biking, and its future development to provide atheoretical draw, the research literature, questionnaire, interview, mathematicalstatistics and logical analysis, the development of Guizhou Province, mountain bikethe history, status quo and participation behavior related investigation, the analysispointed out that the Guizhou Province mountain bikes to carry out the favorablefactors, constraints and problems of, and pursuant to which the proposed developmentmeasures. The results showed that:1.Guizhou Province to carry out mountain biking can be divided into three stages,and today is in a stage of rapid development, has broad prospects for development ofmountain biking in Guizhou Province.2.Guizhou Province, mountain biking participants in gender, age, educational level,choose to participate in the sports venues, exercise time, occupation, income andparticipation in formal of the same, showing a trend towards concentration in aparticular category.3.Mountain bike participants motives of Guizhou Province for the purpose of theirown health, to experience the natural, mainly driven by the people around or howparticipation in mountain biking, and the means of access to relevant information,club or travel agent based multiple channels, At the same time, more emphasis onsports equipment.4.Guizhou Province mountain bikes to carry out the favorable factors Guizhougeographical advantages, promote the advantage to carry out the policy of mountainbiking and mountain biking fitness advantage.5.the constraints of economic conditions, safety, responsibility and awareness ofthe concept of Guizhou Province, mountain biking Campaign. 6.Guizhou Province, mountain biking carry participants to the sport of mountainbiking is not clear enough, there are security risks involved in the three bicyclemovement, imperfect mountain biking regulatory system and infrastructure, the lackof efficient market supplyThe system is not standardized, and mountain bikingtraining professionals.7.according to the Guizhou Province on Present Situation of the mountain bike,participation behavior, combined with mountain biking in Guizhou Province to carryout the favorable factors and constraints, existing problems, mountain bikes carriedout in Guizhou Province.
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