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Gansu Province, Mountain Development Status Of Competitive Cycling

Posted on:2012-08-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207330335971375Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Competitive Mountain Biking in Gansu Province is in a leading position in China, and Gansu Province is an important training base of our country for this sports event. This study is based on the specific circumstances of mountain biking in Gansu Province, investigates and analyses to collect evidences which show the present development and both the advantages and the problems of the competitive mountain biking in Gansu Province. It points out the main factors that affect the development of mountain biking and puts forward positive suggestions and countermeasures, hoping to offer valuable reference for the development and the raise of competitive level of the mountain biking for our country.Mountain biking is very popular worldwide, the European countries have been in the leading position, followed by the United States and Australia, and Asia belongs to the third level where this sport event is vulnerable. Although China's mountain biking is regarded as hegemony in Asia and women riders not only win the first in Asia but also had made remarkable achievements in the World Series, there is a certain gap between the highest level with the world in training level and theory for the overall level of men and women,especially men, both technically and physically, and in game experience, have to be constantly improved. So it still requires a lot of effort for the Chinese team to reach the world level. As a stronger mountain biking province of China, Gansu mountain biking team have made outstanding achievements and accumulated rich and valuable training experience in competitive games at home and abroad. The unique geographical environment of Gansu Province is the northwest Loess Plateau, which precisely formats a unique mountain biking training conditions-altitude training, coupled with the tradition of the province and advantages of Middle and Long Distance Project, as well as scientific and reasonable, suitable training methods for the characteristics of athletes in Gansu Province, making the project in Gansu Province, has been at the forefront of the national counterparts. In spite of the economic backwardness of Gansu Province and the difficult living conditions, the players are not afraid of hard work and they show a super hard-working spirit, which are also important reasons of the good results. What's more, the coaches pay attention to both scientific means in training, recovery and guide cultural knowledge and professional knowledge.Thus creating better physical condition and high-tech capabilities and more solid training in theoretical knowledge for the mountain bike athletes in Gansu Province.Of course, mountain biking in Gansu Province is facing great difficulties and challenges. Because of the lack of training funds and outdated facilities and low quality professional cycling and the athletes lacking nutritional meals and accommodation, which are caused by the province's underdeveloped economy, and as well as the lack of competition experience, poor ability to read and compete, weak psychological quality, obvious competitive state, lack of the reserve forces of male members, problems in selection of personnel and other reasons. All these result in failing to achieve great-leap-forward development and difficult to catch up with the world's highest level for mountain biking in Gansu Province. On the other hand, there are few chances for the province to learn and exchange opportunities with the world's most advanced mountain biking teams, the lack of understanding of the world's advanced training concept, seldom hold the domestic competition and venues are obviously idle, coupled with the lack of high leveled training,weak strength and poor variable speed capability and poor rhythm control and not refined specialized technical training and difficulties to achieve complete tacit understanding to control the bike and so on for the athletes, block and restrict permanent development for mountain biking in Gansu Province.I have basically grasped the first-hand information on mountain bike training in Gansu Province,After a period of time on my mountain biking study and practice of training in Gansu province, It also acknowledged the glorious history of mountain biking in Gansu Province; analysed the causes of the leading position mountain biking in Gansu Province leads in China; pointed out the difficulties and restraining factors mountain biking in Gansu Province faces in its development, and made a suggestion for mountain biking training teams in other brother provinces, hoping they can combine their own characteristics and learn from the successful experience of Gansu Province, to learn from each other and progress together.By the time can our country mountainous region athletics bicycle project, Can obtain the excellent result at the international competition to play certain help and the instruction role.
Keywords/Search Tags:Gansu Province, mountain biking, Development present situation, analysis
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