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The Research Of Soclal Sercice Status Of Unicersity’s Stadiums In Shandong Province

Posted on:2015-02-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330425494253Subject:Physical Education Teaching
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The living standard of Chinese has improved with the economic and social development.In the full-scale construction of a Well-off Society in China, People begin to pursuit ahealthier lifestyle, and the demand of physical culture and service is growing. Governments atall levels are going to place great emphasis on the supply and development of public sportsservice. The university stadiums, which play a significant role in the public sports facilities,get a great attention. Based on the analysis of national policy orientation, the reality that thenon-equilibrium distribution of sports facilities cannot meet the growing public demand forsports, and the increasing public concern on the social service of university stadiums, it isobvious that the university stadiums should open to the public is an inevitable requirement forsocial development. However, the development of social service of university stadiums inChina has just beginning, therefore, to study the present status of social service of universitystadiums is meaningful for the develop and perfect of social service of university stadiums.By means of literatures, questionnaires, field trips, mathematical statistics, logicalanalysis and other research methods, this thesis takes stadiums of16universities in Shandongprovince as objects to research the social service status of university stadiums in Shandongprovince. Results show that,The level of participation in physical exercises of public is influenced by both theiroccupation and income, and the rationality of the time and way of social service, theabundance of items, and the validity of service quality of university stadiums.(1) The number of outdoor sports facilities of colleges and universities in Shandong provinceis relatively large. However, the type structure of sports facilities is not perfect.(2) The sports facilities of all universities are able to meet the basic needs of daily teaching,training and extra-curricular activities with a high-usage. But most of the facilities arestanding idle during weekends and holidays. Therefore, the effect of social service ofuniversity stadiums is not good.(3) There are some problems in the internal management structure of the sports facilities ofuniversities in Shandong province, such as single operating mode, administrators with lowprofessional competence, and lack of concrete and perfect rules and regulations and so on.In general, the management of the social service of university stadiums of Shandongprovince is still in the primary stage with low spontaneous level and low efficiency.(4) A higher level of public needs is not met for the low service level, single operating mode,poor service quality and inadequate propaganda of social service of university stadiums.(5) The capital source of extension and maintenance of sports facilities, security, indefinite policies and regulations, university locations, social service items, propaganda strength,operating mode, and economic income and awareness of physical consumption of fitnessconsumer group, are important for the development of social service of universitystadiums in Shandong province.In order to make the university stadiums in Shandong province a better development insocial service, and to maximize the social benefit and economic benefit, this thesis putsforward the following countermeasures and suggestions:(1)Relevant departments of government should introduce a variety of mechanisms actively,increasing the investment in colleges and universities sports facilities(2)Make the university stadiums’ staffing more perfectly and improve the quality ofadministrators.(3)Set up suitable operating modes for all universities depends on their own circumstances.(4)Based on the original tradition service projects, universities should develop more abundantservices which are combined with their own characteristics, to meet the public demand offitness of a higher level.(5)Strengthen the force of publicity and make the information more open.(6)Offer more convenient information service to the society by introducing new technologiesfor the information platform.(7)Related departments should organize all the universities to take seminars to discuss theissue of socialization of university stadiums, and take advantage of the experience of otherprovinces.(8)Construct evaluation system for university stadiums social service, and make thedevelopment of social service of university stadiums has rules to follow.
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