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Study Of Junior High School Stydents Physical Health Status Of Middle School Of Chaoyang District Migrant Workers

Posted on:2015-02-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As China is facing increasing urbanization, more and more rural migrantworkers started to flood into big cities. As a result, the education problemof the children of those migrant workers has become a major concern to thewhole society. In September2003, The State Council issued a regulation on<Suggestions on how to facilitate the compulsory education for migrantworkers’ children>, stating that rural migrant worker’s children shouldreceive compulsory education, mainly full time public elementary and middleschools, the penetration rate of nine year compulsory education and thetuition for the migrant workers’ children should be as same as the localaverage.The education conference that was held in Beijing in April2004, has givenspecial attention to the migrant worker children’s education problem. The“Capital education developing strategy” indicated that Beijing has madeconsiderable efforts and strategies to ensure that the children of migrantworkers are receiving proper education and that they are being treated equallyin terms of the tuition paid and public educational expenses that the schoolsare spending on them. The definition of migrant worker’s children is the youngchild or teenager who came to the city with their parents. Children who arestaying back home are not included. Beijing is one of the major cities thathave the most migrant workers. According to the incomplete statistic conductedby Beijing Education Commission, there are over400thousands migrantworkers’ children are currently receiving compulsory education in Beijing.Thus, the health condition for those children is worth giving attention to,and it is also an integral part to ensure their right to receive basic physicaleducation.Through the investigation and the analysis of the data for MigrantWorkers’ children physical health, this paper introduces the physical healthof physical workers’ children in junior high school, and analyze the factorswhich influence the health of the children of Migrant Workers, and presentsthe Solution and countermeasures.The level of body shape for Migrant Workers’ children in junior highschool in ChaoYang District, Beijing, is lower than the national average level.There is no regular change in the last3years for the tested students’ bodyshape. They can achieve a pass or good level in most aspects of physicalfunction, but proportion of students who can achieve the excellent level isvery low. The number of students who failed to achieve pass level isn’t lowered. The cardio-pulmonary function level of tested school girls is higherthan schoolboys. For their physical aspect, it shows obvious regression inthe past3years in standing broad jump. There is slight improvement in gripstrength of schoolboys and schoolgirls’ sit and reach scores.. The physicalquality of schoolgirls is better than schoolboys..To invigorate health of Migrant Workers’ children effectively, itrequires that the parents should lead their children to take part in morephysical training, and schools improve the teaching methods to attractstudents to take part in sports.They can arrange suitable sport activities in streets, districts andneighborhoods. So that it can make the whole society to pay more attentionto the physical health of the Migrant Workers’ children.The current situation of the Migrant Workers’ children’s physical healthis caused by many factors at the same time. The main factors are dietary habit,development situation of school physical education and insufficient familysports education.
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