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An Experimental Research On English Reading Teaching In Rural Senior High School From The Perspective Of Frame Semantics

Posted on:2014-01-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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English reading is rather important, and reading ability is also a kind of basic andsignificant ability. Up to now, rural senior high school bases on teachers‘explanation andstudents‘noting, due to the idea of conventional EFL reading teaching. Besides, students areshort of interests of learning English. Even though most English teachers who are in SeniorHigh School have been fully aware of the importance of reading teaching, they have still usedthe conventional reading teaching mode in the classroom teaching of English reading inSenior High School. The malpractice of this model lies in overemphasizing the grammar,vocabulary and explanation of surface meaning, while it ignores the explanation of the wholeframe and the penetration of cultural background. However, Senior High School studentsoften meet with many difficulties in comprehending some reading materials because they arelack of related background knowledge. That leads that so many students make a lot of effortto read, but their English reading ability doesn‘t get significantly improved.Frame Semantics provides a new approach for understanding words and texts. In1982,frame theory was come up in Fillmore‘s paper―Frame Semantics‖systematically. Frameknowledge is also necessary background of semantic comprehension, needing to understandthe meaning of the sentence, and then placing it in the relevant framework to understand.What is more, reading comprehension is the process that the readers evoke and modifyexisting frames and construct the new frames. By constructing and accumulating a number offrames, readers can understand language reading materials more exactly and deeply. The EFLreading model based on Frame Semantics can improve the reading ability of them moreeffectively than the conventional one and the marks of the students in Rural Senior HighSchool.This paper studies the effects of Frame Semantics theory on reading ability for SeniorHigh School students and finds out whether Frame Semantics theory and its instruction can beapplied effectively at Chinese Senior High School English level. Therefore, the writer carriedout an experimental study in a Rural Senior High School. Before the research, a questionnairewas made to investigate the current condition of middle school students. Prior knowledgeneeded for comprehension of reading materials, followed by tentative analysis.Therefore, an experiment was carried out for one term in2012. Two classes each of which consists of50students were chosen respectively as CC and EC for their nearly the same level of EnglishProficiency.Frame-based reading teaching model is adopted in EC, while conventionalreading teaching method was utilized in CC. Data collection involved both classes such asPre-test and Post-test. Data analysis focused on (1) students‘performances before and afterthe experiment;(2) differences in achievements in Pre-test and Post-test.With SPSS17.0,independent sample t-test is used for data analysis, demonstrating that in this teachingframework,students in EC improved their English reading ability more rapidly than CC.Their reading strategies and awareness of frame constructing and activating also developedvery rapidly.This paper provides new EFL reading teaching model based on Frame Semantics and theconcrete steps are shown:1) activating frames: learn to make use of prior knowledge to getnew information;2) learning frames: improving students‘reading skills to promotecomprehension;3) consolidating frames: helping students consolidate and accumulate theknowledge they have learned.
Keywords/Search Tags:Frame Semantics theory, Frame, EFL reading comprehension teaching, Background knowledge
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