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An Experimental Study On Middle School Vocabulary Teaching Based On Frame Semantics

Posted on:2014-10-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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For learning a language, vocabulary plays an important role. In recent years,people pay more attention to the vocabulary teaching. L2learners are required toachieve vocabularies as many as possible. However, L2learners learn thevocabularies isolated. They just learn the vocabularies one by one or from the list.The students in middle school of Grade9are required to grasp more than2,000vocabularies when they graduate from the school. So the vocabulary teaching isimportant and necessary in English teaching. But the recent condition in thevocabulary teaching in middle school, the teachers just teach the vocabulary one byone, then ask the students to keep the Chinese meaning of the words in mind, andcheck the words by dictation. The students may think that it is unimportant and dullto learn the vocabulary.This study concerns about how to apply the frame semantics into vocabularyteaching. The major point of this theory is that one cannot understand the meaning ofa single word without access all the significant knowledge that relates to that word,when one of the things in the frame is introduced into a text, or into a conversation,all of the others automatically available. Based on the frame and frame semantics,the study intend to find out the answers to the following questions:(1)Can vocabulary teaching based on frame semantics improve the students‘ability of memorizing vocabulary?(2)Can vocabulary teaching based on frame semantics improve the students‘ability of reading comprehension?In order to find out the answers to these two questions. Two classes of82students are involved in this study. They are divided into two groups, one is theexperimental group, and the other is the controlled group. The vocabulary teachingbased on the Frame Semantics proceeds in the experimental group class while thetraditional vocabulary teaching is applied in the controlled group class. Theexperiment lasts for about one month. After the experiment, it draws a conclusionthat the vocabulary teaching based on the Frame Semantics can improve the students‘ability of reading comprehension and it is helpful for the learners tomemorize the vocabularies. The experimental group of students makes furtherprogress than the controlled group of students.
Keywords/Search Tags:frame, frame semantics, vocabulary teaching
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