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Students’ National Physical Fitness Test Results Analysis Of Jiangsu University Of Extracurricular Physical Exercise And Present

Posted on:2015-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the Ministry of Education, the State Sports General Administration jointlyissued the "Student Physical Health Standard" since10years has been performed toprovide a basis for our physical health of people engaged in the cause of national physicalhealth has important and far-reaching significance. College Students’ Health is our countryand promote the cause of building the material basis for the continuous development ofsociety, is an external manifestation of the country’s comprehensive national strength.About the physical health of our extracurricular physical exercise literature also lack someexcellent results. But only reflects the decline in physical health college possible factors,indicating that current research on the physical health of college students is notcomprehensive enough. In this study, summarized and physical health test method to usebasic college studies on physical health test, questionnaire, mathematical statistics, such asphysical health, Jiangsu University Students’ test results for this group as well as thecharacteristics of participation in physical activity research. Conclusions are as follows:1. Jiangsu University Students Physical Health: Pass rate in2012, Jiangsu UniversityStudents Physical Health in the "standard" pass rate of85%of the requirements; averagescore close to the "standard" good grade of75points; excellent rate of more than4percenttested below the required standard of Jiangsu Province; test results are not a passing rate of9.39%, much higher than the number of boys and girls fail; obvious difference in failurerates, freshman, seniors relatively high failure rate between grades, sophomore, juniorfailure rate lower.Jiangsu University college men, the average height of girls the same age were slightlyhigher than the national average height of students; relative to the national average weightof the students of the same age, the average weight of Jiangsu University boys slightlyhigher, while the average weight of girls is slightly lower; students spirometry good results,with grades showed an increasing trend, and the male and female lung capacityBMI scoreshave reached a good level; student speed, dexterity projects grip BMI scores mainly inpassing grade (60-74points); student endurance running normal distribution, goodperformance, excellent high rate, from all grades, the students who do not pass the qualityof endurance focused on seniors and the failure rate was significantly higher than boysgirls; over half of the students focused on the standing long jump passing grade, freshmanand senior year students do not pass the highest rate, and good and excellent rate wassignificantly lower than all other grades.2. Jiangsu University Students’ Extracurricular Physical Exercise and understandingof the extent of physical health-related:79.42%of the tested college students believe inextra-curricular physical activity and physical health are related, only3.30percent ofstudents in extra-curricular physical activity and human health-related physical and unclear.Which holds that physical exercise and physical health-related and not related to the maleand female proportions and that physical exercise and physical health-related and unrelated little boys and girls, there were significant proportion difference.3. Jiangsu University Students’ participation in extracurricular physical exercisefeatures: Jiangsu University tested college students have83.51percent of the students arewilling to participate in extracurricular physical exercise, the main motivation is toparticipate in extracurricular physical exercise, physical fitness, learning-rich leisure lifeand the release of pressure; also about a quarter of college students participating inextracurricular measured motivation Physical exercise is to cope with physical fitness test,physical exam, and the girls have this motivation was significantly higher than boys.Jiangsu University Students’ participation in extra-curricular physical exercise onselected items with diversified forms, there are badminton, basketball, table tennis, running,volleyball, aerobics, badminton select the largest proportion. Jiangsu University testedcollege students have hardly participated in11.35percent or occasional participation inextracurricular physical exercise, in a week’s time, and participate in one-third of3or moretimes extracurricular physical exercise for students of the total population. Compare fromthe boys and girls the corresponding frequency, exercise habits come the boys better thangirls. Jiangsu University has more than a quarter of college students participating inextracurricular physical exercise each duration of less than half an hour, more than half ofcollege students duration of half an hour to an hour, while more than one hour less than aquarter of the students.
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