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Research On Legal Regulation Of Dispatched Employment

Posted on:2015-02-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Due to the development of the labor dispatching in our country has formed a large scale, thelabor dispatching has caused the government、 enterprises and academia attaches greatimportance to, but so far, whether in theory or in fact study is still limited. Labor dispatchingcomplex relationship between the three parties to make it different from the typical laborrelations, on the legal regulation of range is very wide also, in this paper can’t please everyone,but with labor dispatching has all the positive role of employment as a research perspective, bothfrom the theoretical analysis and system construction as the starting point, based on "what" and"why" and "how to do" the full text, how to dispatch exist and how to regulation for writingideas, details on the problem of labor dispatch legal regulation.This article from the first analytical placement after the concept, characteristics, propertiesof analysis of the social value of its existence, and then through the six typical cases, manyproblems of the analysis of the development of China’s labor dispatch, and the deficiency ofcurrent law regulation, to demonstrate the significance of the study. And in view of the fact thatother countries relevant inspiration to our country’s relevant laws and regulations, our countryhas promulgated the law, but still could not provide a comprehensive and reasonable security inorder to realize the employment rights and interests of the dispatched workers, to achieve theideal of employment security, establishment conforms to the situation of our country need tolabor dispatch legal regulation become urgent issues.The paper try to demonstrate the necessity of our country labor dispatch legislation andconcrete system perfect and innovation of the theory, to dispatch, the accepting units and thedispatched laborer the three new perspective, respectively illustrates the design of labor dispatchlegal regulation system, in this paper, through the layers of analysis, parsing staffing firms andaccepting units and the three of dispatched laborers on the legal nature of the special, and bothparties shall enjoy rights and assume obligations, and trying to pass legislation to establish thespecial adjustment mechanism of labor relations, set up the regulation framework of legal relation of labor dispatch, to promote the development of our country labor dispatch healthypositive goals.
Keywords/Search Tags:Labor dispatch, Labor relations, Rules and regulations, Labor dispatching method, Innovation
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