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Research On The Improvement Of Our Labor Dispatching System

Posted on:2017-04-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Labor dispatch is a kind of labor that meets the requirement of flexibility, which regulating and promoting on the allocation of labor resources.However, because of it’s legal relationship has three parties,there are a series of negative factors during the process of development,so the balance of interests during all parties is the key to solve the problem of labor dispatch in our country.In recent years, with the reform of the state-owned enterprise to be laid off and resettled,employment of college graduates,the employment of migrant workers,also include enterprises want to expand their own interests but abusing dispatched workers,all of these cause the rapid expansion of China’s labor dispatch.Our country want to further improve and refine the dispatch system through many legislation,so more people are concerning about the dispatch of labor.They continue to define the focal objections,trying to effectively curb the spread of the current situation of China’s improper labor dispatch,which has important significance for labor dispatch of our country.But it is worth pondering whether the law can solve the existing problems,the potential problems of this system will be discussed mainly from three angles:Some time labor dispatching institutions were unable to cope with risk;The supervision mechanism is not perfect;The labor relation is unstable;The position definition of company has deficiency,so the target of equal pay for equal work is not easy to achieve.In addition,there are some certain defects in it’s delimitation of proportion,public institution and state organs are not included in labor dispatching laws;The of the workers has it’s shortage.Finally,I will put forward some proposals around these issues.
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