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A Study Of Media Spectacle Broadcasting Of NBA

Posted on:2015-03-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330428998660Subject:Journalism and communication
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As a typical sports media events, NBA is not only has the characteristic of mediaevents, such as: It is carried more than200million viewers watched in a game, under thewraps of the consumer society and the media, NBA create the stars and topicscontinuously as well as create a another carnival, it makes the audience temporarilyeliminate individual differences and obtained a temporary and transient pleasure. Thesecharacteristics are typical and spectacle.However, in this context, excessive entertainmentand commercial make sport itself alienation, while generating some negative effects,NBA is not only make the essence of sport alienation to some extent, but also is a kind ofsports of the young people as a major recipient group, it effects the young people ’s mediaawareness of the sport,as well as the outlook of world, life and values. How to guide thispart of the population and strengthen the media self-regulation as well as enhance thedissemination of positive energy of the mainstream media are the issues we need todiscuss.Thesis is divided into five parts: Firstly, from concept definition of the spectacle andthe spectacle society spectacle. Secondly, it introduces the NBA review and developmentprocess as well as its main operating mechanism. Then it introduces the analysis on thedevelopment of NBA in China. Thirdly, it introduces the process of the NBA mediaconstruction from four parts, the four parts are agenda setting, physical narrative, creating acarnival, the desire to illustration.Fourthly, it introduces the influence of media spectaclefor the audience from the leading media ceremony, pulling the prevalence of consumerismand aesthetic effects of this shift as well as alienation influence. Fifthly, it introduces themedia how to adhere to the social responsibility and improve media literacy as well as toguide the audience in the highly commercialized situation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Fan Subculture, Reproduction, Medium Logic, Ideology
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