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The Design And Implementation Of High-Speed Serial Optical Interconnect Device Based On RocketIO

Posted on:2008-09-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2268360212976293Subject:Communication and Information System
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With the evolution of information age and the development of military technology, the amount of data has enlarged rapidly in the national defence system. The defence system, especially system used in battle field must be highly real-time and reliable. Comparing with data acquisition and processing subsystems, data transmission subsystem usually is the weakness in a whole system. Military optical communication products and high-speed serial interconnecting technology contribute to enhancing the performance of data transmission subsystem, which makes high-speed serial optical interconnection become the effective method to improve the performance of data transmission.This thesis analyzes the present research results’pros and cons and then designs and implements a high-speed serial optical interconnect device based on RocketIO, which is a data transmission subsystem with high-speed, reliability and low delay. It is a combination of software, firmware and hardware, and can be used in most systems.This thesis gives a compare of mainstream high-speed serial interconnect protocols, such as PCI Express, Serial RapidIO, Fibre Channel etc., and choose Xilinx’s Aurora protocol as the data link layer protocol of this device. The combination of Aurora and RocketIO technology can realize a low delay and high-speed serial point-to-point data transmission. And then proposes a two-layer (physical layer and data link layer) implementation structure and establishes four data transmission services to provide reliable data transmission for different system with different performance. This thesis gives some consideration of device hardware design and FPGA implementation scheme for four data transmission service. Design and implement VxWorks real-time OS device driver for this device. Build a test bench and make a transmitting and receiving test between two device interconnecting by optical fiber which is 200-meter long. The result proves that this interconnect device can provide low error ratio, high speed data transmission service for applications.
Keywords/Search Tags:High-speed Serial Interconnect, RocketIO, Aurora Protocol, VxWorks Device Driver, Data Transmission
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