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The Study Of Proximity Technology Diffusion Effect And Evaluation

Posted on:2014-04-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Z LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2269330422453117Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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Relative to the "proprietary technology" proximity technology for several companies andeven industrial development of common benefit or in a wider range of applications in the nationalcompetition in the pilot, the status of basic science and technology sector or company often isadjacent technology department or company. In recent years, technology diffusion, and spatialrelations has been a hotly debated topic of geography and innovation economics scholars. Manyscholars in the United States and Europe in research in the field of issues from a regionalperspective, the research results of the new economic geography also won the Nobel Prize. Studieshave shown that different from the proliferation of ordinary skill in the significance of theneighboring technology diffusion to enhance specific areas of corporate innovation andtechnology diffusion. The paper focuses on the proximity between technology diffusion processwith diffusion effect and its evaluation. Found in the literature, the angle based on proximity to thesystem of enterprise, industry or even the entire area of technology diffusion literature hasemerged, which is less specific practical application of research literature; build mathematicalmodels and empirical measurement methods the study of literature phase is relatively weak.Research ideas of this paper, starting from the proximity effect of technology diffusion ofenterprise and industry, as well as the region as a whole, that is, respectively, from theproliferation of "point" to the chain diffusion to the surface diffusion research, choose the civilaviation industry enterprises, for example attempt conducted empirical research.In this study, the first of nearly a decade of literature collate, mainly around the neighboringissues, technology diffusion and spatial effects, and by comparing the interpretation of some of theissues related to proximity technology diffusion. Second, the analysis of the formation mechanismof the proximity of technology diffusion, diffusion effects and its evaluation, as the empiricalanalysis of the necessary preparations to create a diffusion model based on the hypothesis testingconcluded that application of the least-squares regression method, combined with measurementsoftware Eviews, prove the existence of the neighboring technology diffusion effect. Again,consider to generate externalities is one of the important characteristics of diffusion, and externaland adjacent ideological links with similar external research in order to better knowledge overflow,further expansion of the diffusion effect analysis, ranging from internal extended to the regionallevel of contact and interaction with the external environment. Starting from the spatialcharacteristics of the enterprises have to use the method of principal component analysis of SPSSsoftware applications, through the establishment of relevant evaluation indicators and evaluationmodel, empirical analysis of technology diffusion effect of the civil aviation industry enterprisesadjacent draw different geographical proximity technology diffusion rankings. The conclusionsshow that industry cluster effect economic phenomenon is closely related to a geopolitical factors,and appropriate proximity can generate positive spillover effects. Cluster enterprises shouldestablish a proper credit system and dependencies, research and capital investment mechanismthrough continuous improvement and to train and raise the awareness of staff exchanges andcooperation can improve the level of of adjacent integrated technology diffusion effects, improveenterprise efficiency.
Keywords/Search Tags:Proximity, effect of technology diffusion, the space industry, the principalcomponent analysis
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