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The Research Of Chinese Enterprise Annuity Investment Operation

Posted on:2014-03-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2269330425956911Subject:Social security
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China has huge population base, with the aging of the population increasing, thegovernment’s finance burden is rising. In order to better solve the problem of pension, easing theburden on government finances, our country puts forward the basic endowment-insurance,enterprise annuity and personal savings. As the second pillar, the status quo of enterprise annuitydevelopment is difficult, Enterprise annuity found is not only small, and uneven in regionaldevelopment and industry scale, the operation and supervision is not standard. In order to betterrealize the value of the Enterprise annuity system and better promote the development ofEnterprise annuity, it’s necessary to search and study our country Enterprise annuity investmentoperation system.Firstly, the article reviews our country development of enterprise annuity system, then, tointroduce the present situation of the development of our country enterprise annuity.Secondly, overview the development process of our country enterprise annuity investmentsystem. Then, mainly to introduce the selection of the enterprise annuity investment operationmode, investment operation participants, the operations tools, the enterprise annuity investmentand management process.Then, the article points out the problems of investment operations of the enterprise annuityin our country, less investment tools, lack of the risk prevention mechanism, insufficientsupervision, support of the legal system construction and so on.Finally, based on the condition of our country, the article put forward the correspondingpolicies and measures to solve the problems of the Enterprise annuity。First, to strengthen theconstruction of legal system, increase tax policy support; Second, promote the reform ofenterprise pension investment operation mechanism steadily, including recommend "gradualtrust investment operation mode" and strengthen the " access "and" exit " mechanism ofenterprise annuity investment operations for the participants of the market; Third, optimizeenterprise annuity investment operation system; Fourth, put forward multiple supervision ofenterprise annuity investment operation,; Fifth, to improve vigorously the construction of acomplete set of enterprise annuity intermediary institutions. The article is meant to perfect ourcountry enterprise annuity investment operation and put forward some Suggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Enterprise annuity, Investment operation, The Trust Model, Risk prevention, Investment regulation
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