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Analysis Grinding Of Horizontal Stirred Mill Based On Distinct Element Method

Posted on:2017-05-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2271330488965653Subject:Mechanical engineering
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In advanced technology industry the use of superfine powder materials become more and more important because of the excellent properties, such as the original materials in 3D metal print. So that all countries in the world have been paid much attention on the processing and production of superfine powder materials. At present, the preparation of superfine powder mainly adopts mechanical crushing method. The method use stirred ball mill to crush the material. But the high energy consumption and low efficiency in the mill equipment has become the shortage development of the industry. In traditional mill process, there are need so many experiments to make sure the process parameters right. But it is need a lot of time, high economic costs and the efficiency is low.In order to solve the above questions, this paper at first learn the theory of Discrete Element Method and equipment mill principles, and then do the following research based on HCX-2L horizontal stirred mill:(1) Discuss the stirring shaft speed affect on the grinding performance of the machine. (2) Discuss the filling ratio affect on the grinding performance of the machine. (3) Discuss the structure of the blade size affect on the grinding performance of the machine. (4) Research the stirring shaft speed and the filling ratio affect on the grinding performance of the machine by experiments under the objective conditions.After the study of HCX-2L horizontal stirred mill, this paper conclude that the most optimal work parameters of the stirring shaft speed, the filling ratio and blade size by experiments. Through the research, this paper provide a kind of study method for future design about the equipment and how to choice a suit process parameters.
Keywords/Search Tags:rotation speed, medium filling rate, stirred mill, grinding performance
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