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Research Of Fuzzy Control Strategy Of Regenerative Braking Energy For Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Posted on:2016-09-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G H YinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2272330461471430Subject:Measuring and Testing Technology and Instruments
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The invention of automobile brings great changes to human life and makes it more convenient for human to travel. However, largely environment pollution and heavily shortage of energy drives us to research and develop a new type of car which has low fuel consumption and low emission. The limitation of the battery technology made the research turn to the HEV(hybrid electric vehicle). HEV refers to a kind of vehicle which contain two type of sources, energy or converters, and one kind of it is deliver electrical energy at least. HEV, as the transactional product of the EV(electric vehicle) is highly appreciated. HEV has been on the list of the “863 high-tech Program” in the tenth five-year plan, therefore it’s of grate significance in studying the key technologies of HEV.The study introduced the structures and types of HEV, and made some instructions about the characteristics and service conditions of the structures and drive types. And it also illustrated the starting point of choosing the PHEV(parallel hybrid electric vehicle) structure, presented the control strategy of PHEV, determined the idea to use the vague strategy as the control strategy with making a brief analysis on the different starting points of control strategy and parameters of control target, and then established the system dynamics equations and models of the HEV’s power units in ADVISOR. In this article, the author designed a kind of vague control strategy in which the speed and slip ratio are as the vague input parameter, and the SOC value of the battery is as the feedback parameter. The strategy aimed to make an equitable distribution of the braking force between the mechanical braking parts and the regenerative braking parts, have a control of the whole system and finally the model of system inputted distribution parameter of braking force.In setting the simulation results show that under the condition of using fuzzy control strategy of HEV brake braking energy recovery strategy under the same conditions battery SOC values higher than the parallel control and adaptive control strategy. In the process of the whole engine efficiency is the highest, the lowest emissions, and thus the fuzzy control strategy is effective and superior to the parallel control and adaptive control strategy.
Keywords/Search Tags:HEV, Brake force distribution, Fuzzy strategy, Energy regenerative, ADVISOR simulation
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