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Research On Intelligent Fault Location Technique Of Feeder Automation In Power Grid Of Erdos

Posted on:2017-03-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Q ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2272330488985914Subject:Electrical engineering
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Locating malfunction of distribution feeder is a significant technique in distribution automation field, which exerts essential effect on power supply reliability. Distribution network is widespread with numbers of branches, so it is difficult for locating the malfunctions, especially, malfunction of single-phase ground. Therefore, research on feasible methods of this issue plays an important role in engineering practical meaning.The paper firstly introduces the research status on automation and intelligence of malfunction located in distribution feeder and isolation technology. Then outlining the automating feeder system, fault isolation and principle of locating malfunction. Besides which the paper analyze the overall steps of the malfunction located and fault isolated and then giving a brief introduction on communicated information technical support and distribution network profiles, which including demand analysis, in Erdos. Whereas, traditional method to locate malfunction may not be in normal operation when communications network is in fault. Aimed at this issue, the paper gives an improved method for locating malfunction and so re-design the location scheme in Erdos distribution network, which can be in normal operation, avoiding being over-dependent on communication system, and automatically locate the malfunction with and without communication channel.Moreover, the paper clarifies and analyzes the architecture of information flow in feeder communication system and describes the schemes of feeder terminal and connection of back end of main station with GPRS. Apart from this, the paper poses a model of communication system based on topology of Erdos distribution by establishing a high-frequency electrical equipment models and three-phase power transmission line model, which is designed from circuit diagram and communication protocol perspective. It improves the reliability of communication system.Based on techniques of malfunction located and fault isolation, the distribution malfunction located and isolation mechanism is formed. The accuracy of location is improved for ensuring effectiveness of fault isolation by reasonably selecting signal frequency, signal injection point and signal injection cabinet. The paper provides a feasible scheme to solve the problem of locating malfunction in distribution network and also shape a comprehensive system implementation plan for fault location.
Keywords/Search Tags:power distribution network, feeder automation, fault location, fault isolation
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