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The Algorithm Study For Fault Location,Isolation And Reconfiguration Of Distribution Network

Posted on:2007-11-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:T K DingFull Text:PDF
GTID:2132360212466129Subject:Power system and its automation
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Distribution network is the final part of the whole power system which faces the customers directly. With the continuous development of social economics in our country, security of power supply is demanded by more and more electric power customers. It is essential that the DAS should be prompted on a large scale. Fault location, isolation and restoration system for distribution network is an important part of DAS which plays a crucial role in the feeder automation system to simultaneously detect and isolate fault section where particular fault occurs and restore power supply as quickly as possible for outage areas. Study of the algorithm for fault diagnosis and electricity service restoration is the main heart of this paper.Current matrix algorithm for fault location is often based on feeders of the whole power network., get its result by matrix operation, which do not suit fault location at the terminal of a feeder line and makes calculation speed low. The algorithm of this paper is based on nodes of the whole distribution network., which avoids the shortcoming of the above algorithm and is suitable for fault location in the complex multi-source distribution network.In practice operation, fault location and isolation systems are all exposed outdoors that are inevitably disturbed because of environment. In order to locate fault areas correctly, the algorithm must perform high fault-tolerance ability. Nowadays Genetic Algorithm is a representative to this type of algorithm. In this paper, a novel and general algorithm-Ant Colony Optimization is introduced to be applied to fault diagnosis in distribution network. There is a series of basic concept involved with Ant Colony Algorithm illustrated in this paper as background knowledge, and then a creative algorithm frame of fault diagnosis based on ACO is presented in detail.Current Intellectual algorithm for fault location is often based on the topology of the whole net. In this paper , by making full use of the radiate character of the distribution network and adopting the stage treatment, the entire distribution network is divided into a main branch and a number of independent regions , reducing the dimensions of feasible solutions and greatly improving the speed of fault location.At last, this paper proposes the optimal load-transfer method that uses minimum network losses as the object to reconfigure the network.. During each time of iterative calculation, firstly, the range of transfered load is made sure, then, the actual greatest reducation of energy loss of the tie-switch is chosen to close, and the corresponding branch is opened, which makes the algorithm more effective, useful.
Keywords/Search Tags:feeder automation, fault location, matrix algorithm, ACO, reconfiguration of distribution network
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