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Research On Local Government And Promoting High - Tech Industrialization

Posted on:2014-02-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2279330434970318Subject:Public administration
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The high-tech industry which plays an important role in the adjustment of industrial structure and economic growth mode transformation, is a strategic leading industry of the national economy, the competition of the high-tech and high-tech industry has become the focus and commanding heights of the competition of the entire international community.The development of high-tech industries is the effective initiatives to optimize the industrial structure; it is also the essential requirement to Shanghai in the building of innovative cities. The development of high-tech industries in Shanghai is conducive to attracting innovative resources at domestic and overseas; gathering high-end talent in the field of innovation and technology; improving the ability of independent development of high-tech industries; it also benefits the transformation of economic development mode, continue to enhance the capability of independent innovation. In this thesis the elements of the government to promote of high-tech industries is carrying forward gradually discussed, the recommendations to local governments on how to better promote the high-tech industries are proposed.Based on the existing research in the fields, in the introduction section, the summary of the background and meaning of this study is provided, the related theories are organized, the basic ideas and research methods of the thesis is also listed.In the second chapter, the meaning, the general process and the importance of the high-tech industrialization are elaborated in detail, and a clear interpretation and definition of high-tech industries are given. Based on the second chapter, the role and effect of the local government in promoting high-tech industrialization process are elaborated in the third chapter; the reasonableness and necessity of local government in involving in the process of high-tech industries are also clarified. In the fourth chapter, the general overview, basic characteristics, achievements and problems in the promotion of high-tech industries in Shanghai are elaborated, to get the preparation and preliminary analysis for the countermeasures. The situation of the domestic and foreign governments in promoting high-tech industries are compared in the fifth chapter which focusing on the analysis of the propulsion mode of the United States and Japanese government, the development experience of Taiwan, Beijing, Shenzhen, etc..Finally, in the sixth chapter the basic idea to complete the propulsion mechanism of high-tech industries in Shanghai is proposed based on the analysis of previous chapters. At the institutional level, the long-term planning of industrial development should established, the system to support the high-tech industries should be maintained well, a diversified investment and financing system should be built; at the mechanism level, the dynamic mechanism of high-tech industrialization to improve the body of all forms of ownership is proposed; in order to establish a more effective research collaboration mechanisms and regional high-tech industries and coordinated development win-win cooperation mechanism.In the process of developing the high-tech industries, a "market failure" maybe occurred, and according to the regional development stage, further function changes of the local governments are required to take appropriate macro-control measures to promote high-tech industrialization process, so as to maintain the region sustainable development.
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