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Research On The Management Of Computerized Accounting File

Posted on:2017-01-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In today’s information growth period, with the computer technology in the accounting scope of the universal application of accounting computerization has been the development trend of the accounting work, can effectively promote the standardization and modernization of accounting work. Under the premise of computerized accounting records management work has also been a big change. Compared with the traditional paper-based accounting records, computerized accounting archives has a more diverse material carrier, content is more rich and easy to be modify, is to strengthen the power calculation of accounting archives management is particularly important. Ontology based in electric power enterprises accounting archives management, according to our country enterprise electric computerized accounting files, through the investigation of some enterprises, for enterprises of our country electric calculation accounting files management in the existing problems analysis, and then puts forward the perfect enterprise computerization will the opinions and suggestions of the archives management. This paper is divided into three parts, the main contents are as follows:The first part:enterprise computerized accounting records management. A comprehensive analysis of the computerized accounting records management and related things, and details the principles and requirements of computerized accounting records management.The second part:analysis of the current situation of computerized accounting records management. Select several business units to investigate and focuses on the analysis of the enterprise computerization the problems existed in the management of accounting archives and Archivists’ quality is low and the lack of necessary professional talents and count of accountant archives collection is not complete, computerized accounting archives management system is not perfect, computerized accounting files exist security risks and computerization of the authenticity of accounting archives threatened and computerization of the limitations are computerized accounting in the management of the archives of the larger problem of the development of accounting archives.The third part:mainly discusses the measures to strengthen the computerized accounting records management. Combined with the characteristics of enterprise computerized accounting files, the problems in the management of enterprise computerized accounting files as the breakthrough point, to seek the scientific measures to solve these problems. This article mainly from the strengthen talent team construction, improve personnel structure configuration, standardized archiving, ensure enterprise computerization of accounting archives collection is complete, and establishing and perfecting enterprise computerization accounting archives management system, strengthen enterprise electric computerized safety management of accounting archives, strengthening of enterprise electric computerized accounting archives information distortion prevention, rational development and use of computerized accounting files and other aspects to carry on the discussion, put forward reasonable solutions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Computerized accounting archives, Archives, Management security
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